New in 2015: Business Basics Series

Our 6 part CLE-TV combo provides quick, accessible, and affordable education.

Business Basics Series

"Trying to get away from the office is impossible. Your busy schedule doesn’t always accommodate for continued education, and this program helps bridge that gap."
- Genevieve Chang, Program Lawyer

At CLEBC, we pride ourselves on delivering quality education on a variety of topics, with many ways to learn.

This year’s CLE-TV: Business Basics Series does just that by providing 6 business law webinars that can be taken from anywhere. You’ll hear from a wide range of specializing faculty, and learn in a way that fits your busy schedule. Courses are provided sequentially — just once a month, one hour at a time.

Benefits of an online series

  • No need to commit to a full day away from the office
    Convenient sessions on your lunch break at the office, or on the go.
  • Diverse topics — learn a little, about a lot
    From taxes to employment, you'll get a wide range of information.
  • Digital interaction
    Have a question? Course chairs and your peers are available to answer your questions.
  • Schedule half your CPD requirements for one less thing to worry about
    Time flies when you are busy. Make a commitment to CPD now and you'll be set up for half your annual requirement.
  • Cost Effective
    This series is a great deal, and with eLearning you aren't burdened with extra costs like travel expenses and lost work days.
  • Absorb and Digest
    Monthly scheduling lets you digest information for each course, and inform your questions for the next session.

Concepts & Themes

CLEBC Program Lawyer, Genevieve Chang built this program with the newly called lawyer in mind. These are timeless topics that are consistently relevant. Chang notes that, "As a junior lawyer, it can be tough to know when to ask for help." These courses help demonstrate where your skills are strong, where they fall short, and when you need to recommend specialized assistance.

In-house counsel registrants will find the courses useful as a refresher. "This is a survey of all business law... a primer on all areas from a business perspective," says Chang. "The accessibility of this course means it would be great for anybody."

Course Material

The Business Basics Series uses the CLEBC publication Advising British Columbia Businesses as its course materials and resource guide. Course Chairs, David A. Allard from Lawson Lundell LLP and David J. Jennings of Irwin, White & Jennings, are on the advisory board for this corresponding publication, and one or both will be available to answer your questions in real time during the webinars.


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If you choose not to participate in the entire series, you may also pick and choose the individual courses that make most sense for you.

Register through or contact our Customer Service department at 604.893.2121
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