Graphic recording

Graphic recording is one of the best tools I know for enriching and deepening the group experience. Each chart evolves in real time, as the presenters and participants speak. I listen for key concepts, along with nuances and thematic connections, and capture them in words and images on large sheets of paper. As people see their thoughts take concrete shape, they become increasingly engaged and inspired. Ideas take on dimension and colour, thematic dots are connected, and the big picture begins to emerge - both figuratively and literally. The dynamic visual “maps” that result are treasured artifacts that are referred back to repeatedly and shared with others, planting seeds for still deeper insights and ongoing conversation.


Avril OrloffAvril Orloff is a graphic facilitator who helps people see what they're saying by literally "drawing out" their best thinking. Working in real time, she captures key ideas as they emerge and translates them into images to create powerful visual maps that spark people's imagination and animate insightful conversation. One of Canada's senior visual practitioners, Avril has put her visual thinking skills to work to animate meetings, conferences, workshops and other gatherings for a wide range of clients in all sectors. Avril also creates custom graphics for clients who want to present information in a compelling and engaging way, and teaches workshops in graphic recording. Whatever the context, she is happiest when she can help people navigate complex issues and chart a clear path forward in the most enjoyable, creative and fun ways possible.