The Child Specialist in Collaborative Separation and Divorce
Dr. Susan Gamache

Current to: January 11, 2007
Posted: Thursday, January 11, 2007

Psychologist and therapist Dr. Susan Gamache details the role of a child specialist as part of a collaborative separation and divorce team. Children's issues have historically been dealt with through traditional therapeutic practice, which is vulnerable to the adversarial practices of traditional law, or by way of custody and access reports, which can lead to a judicial decision but not help to resolve problems between the parties. Gamache describes how the advent of collaborative practice brings together the best of traditional therapeutic practice and legal decision-making regarding children's issues through the role of the child specialist, a licensed mental health practitioner who is a member of the collaborative team and acts as a neutral third party focusing exclusively on the children's concerns and/or interests while the legal issues are resolved.

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