Rules for new Small Claims pilot project now in force

Effective November 26, 2007, B.C. Reg. 360/2007 amends the Small Claims Rules and implements a new pilot project for claims filed in the Robson Square and Richmond Small Claims Registries. The amendments introduce four new Rules and process streams:

  • Rule 7.4, Mediation of Claims for more than $5000 or for Damages for Personal Injury (Robson Square Registry only);
  • Rule 7.5, Trial Conferences (Robson Square Registry only);
  • Rule 9.1, Simplified Trials for Claims up to $5000 (both Robson Square and Richmond Registries); and
  • Rule 9.2, Summary Trial for Financial Debt (Robson Square only).  

The amendments to the Small Claims Rules also include changes to Rules 3 through 7, 7.3, 8, 10, 10.1, 13, 16, and 17. As well, Forms 5, 18, 22 through 25, and 27 have been replaced and new Forms 32 and 33 added.

Click HERE to view the full text of these amendments.
Further information on Small Claims legislation, practice, and case law is available in the CLEBC publications Provincial Court Small Claims Handbook and Small Claims Act and Rules Annotated.






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