Wills Estates and Trusts

Screening for Capacity and Undue Influence
Current to: November 2017

Planning for Children: The Public Guardian and Trustee of BC’s Role in Guardianship Matters and the Protection of Minors’ Property Interests
Current to: August 2017

The ABC’s of Committeeships
Current to: March 2016

Estate Administration — Practice Perspective
Current to: October 2015

The First Appointment
Current to: January 2015

Disability Planning
Current to: October 2014

The Family Law Act and Treatment of Property Held by Trusts
Current to: June 2014

Passings of Accounts and the New Probate Rules
Current to: November 2013

Securing Income for Old Age: Pensions, Pension Division, Annuities and Insurance
Current to: May 2013

Civility - A Very Brief Overview
Current to: November 2012

What It Means to Be a Trustee: A Guide for Clients Acting as Fiduciaries
Current to: October 2012

Overview of Estate Planning
Current to: May 2012

Legislative Changes and Update Highlights: Power of Attorney Act and Wills, Estates and Succession Act
Current to: April 2012

Wills and Estates Primer
Current to: February 2012

Tax Essentials for Estate Litigators
Current to: November 2011

Legislative and Case Law Update: WESA Highlights
Current to: November 2011

Estate Litigation Potpourri
Current to: November 2011

Transitional Issues for Incapacity Planning Before and After September 1, 2011
Current to: June 2011

Planning for Personal and Health Care Decisions
Current to: June 2011

Taxation of Personal Trusts
Current to: June 2011

Planning for Taxation at Death
Current to: May 2011

Probate Actions
Current to: February 2011

BC Court of Appeal decision on executor’s duties to notify estranged children of testator’s first marriage of probate application (case digest)
Current to: October 2010

Dealing with the Rogue Attorney
Current to: September 2010

Mutual Wills
Current to: June 2010

Insolvent Estates
Current to:May 2010

Preparing Your Direct Examination
Current to:February 2010

Wills Variation Act Update
Current to: November, 2010

‘Sneak Preview’ paper from upcoming Wills, Estates and Trusts Conference--Passing Accounts; Or, a Passel of Passing Problems
Current to: November, 2009

BCSC refuses to vary will in favour of spouse who severed joint tenancy without informing testator (case digest)
Current to: October, 2009

BC Court of Appeal awards substantial lump sum spousal support in wills variation decision (case digest)
Current to: August, 2009

Probate Fees
Current to: June, 2009

Dealing with the Problem Executor
Current to: June, 2009

Issues Arising Upon the Death of a Subscriber of a Registered Educational Savings Plan
Current to: April, 2009

Five Hot Privacy Topics
Current to: March, 2009

Wills, Estates and Succession Act: an Excerpt from the 2009 Edition of Annual Review of Law & Practice
Current to: March, 2009

Chambers Practice: One Master’s Views
Current to: February, 2009

Judicial Review Fundamentals: How-to Tips, With a Focus on Federal Court
Current to: February, 2009

Drafting Trusts That Work
Current to: November, 2008

BCSC allows summary dismissal of wills claim ( Case Digest)

Current to: October, 2008

BC Supreme Court rules trust cheques do not constitute a lawyer’s undertaking ( Case Digest)
Current to: September, 2008

Professional Conflicts—Advising Personal Representatives on their Duties and Interests as Beneficiaries
Current to: September, 2008

Joint Tenancy
Current to: August, 2008

Causation in Tort Since Resurfice: Overview

Current to: July, 2008

Ongoing Liabilities
Current to: July, 2008

Property Transfer Tax: Unusual Transactions and Traps for the Unwary

Current to: July, 2008

BC Supreme Court awards costs against estate executors
(case digest)

Current to: June 2008

Working With the Probate Registry
Current to: April 2008

Land Title Act does not require registration of bare trust interest (case digest)
Current to: March 2008

Court of Appeal affirms Wills Variation Act decision (case digest)

Current to: March 2008

Pre-nuptial agreement varied (case digest)

Current to: February 2008

Joint Tenancy Update
Current to: November 2007

Procedures For The Transmission And Transfer Of Assets

Current to: June 7, 2007

Construction claims and contracting strategies
Current to: March, 2007

Ties that bind? Support and the payor's estate
Current to: March 16, 2007

Wills Variation Act Planning
Current to: March 1, 2007

Managing Clients and Client Expectations
Current to: November, 2006

Multi-Jurisdictional Wills
Current to: November, 2006

Estate planning tools for blended families: Trusts and other agreements
Current to: May 12, 2006

Bridging the gap: A lawyer's view on discovery of electronic documents
Current to: April 27, 2006