The Family Law Act: One Year Later

March 12, 2014

A year after the Family Law Act came into force in March, 2013, family law experts are keeping practitioners up-to-date with recent cases and trends.

Two upcoming CLEBC courses—FLA: Guardianship and Parenting—One Year Later (Thursday April 24) and Property Under the FLA—Lessons from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario (Friday April 25)—offer insight into recent cases, issues, and interpretations of the new Act.

FLA: Guardianship and Parenting—One Year Later (April 24)

Family Law Conference

This practical course will focus on legal update in law and practice. Presenters will examine the most recent cases and issues as well as dispute resolution techniques relevant to all family law practitioners.

Topics will include:

  • a review of the case law and practical tips on negotiating and litigating parenting arrangements

  • when (and how) to involve a parenting coordinator

  • a skills-based primer on assessing violence (safety/power), including questions, approaches, and follow-up.

Additional highlights of the course will include a discussion of language as a power tool in family violence, presented by keynote speaker Linda Coates, PhD. In addition, The Honourable Judge Stella Frame will present a view from the bench on how counsel can effectively present parenting issues to the court.

“With a year under our FLA belts, this course is a great opportunity for family lawyers at all levels to review and discuss “tips and traps” in the new regime and the latest trends in the cases relating to child and guardianship issues.”

-Morag MacLeod – course co-chair

“Anyone who practices in the area of family law knows we have a new Act, and that the new Act has required new training. But what about new skills? And what is happening in other parts of the province? There are some trends and, given the pending amendments, unforeseen problems. This course is designed by family lawyers, for family lawyers, and is focused on practical advice for use in day- to-day practice.”

-Mary Mouat, QC – course co-chair

Property Under the FLA—Lessons from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario (April 25)

This course will focus on new terms and concepts in relation to property and debt. Our panel of experts will discuss the lessons that may be learned from other jurisdictions, where jurisprudence in BC has gone to date, and where it may be headed. Speakers include a justice of the Court of Queen's Bench for Saskatchewan, leading counsel from BC and Alberta, and a prominent valuation expert from Ontario.

Topics will include:

  • a review of BC cases on property under the FLA

  • tracing excluded property

  • significant unfairness

  • excluded property

  • tracing theory from an accounting perspective

These valuable courses will help you stay ahead of the issues and trends evolving under the Family Law Act.

Each of these important courses deals with separate issues. Register for both days to receive an additional discount.

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