Real Estate Fundamentals: One-Stop Shop for Real Estate Lawyers

March 28, 2014

Junior to intermediate real estate lawyers in BC have the opportunity to learn the essential issues of real estate law through a comprehensive two-day CLEBC course.

Real Estate Fundamentals for Lawyers, June 17 & 18, 2014, references the BC Real Estate Practice Manual and offers you a chance to hear directly from authors, editors, and senior practitioners.

Spring Highlights

The course will take you chronologically through a real estate file, covering everything from environmental concerns to tax issues and what to do when things go wrong. View the full description, details and course agenda for a complete list of topics.

Teresa Sheward, Program Lawyer for Real Estate Fundamentals, says the course, together with the practice manual, is “all that you need to build a strong foundation in real estate law. This two-day investment will give you the confidence and competence to go forward with success.”

The course will be chaired by Randy Klarenbach (CLEBC Volunteer in the Spotlight, April 2014) and Craig Shirreff, both senior real estate law practitioners on the editorial board of the BC Real Estate Practice Manual.

We recommend that you bring your copy of the BC Real Estate Practice Manual to the course. If you do not have the book, order it when you register for the course to receive a discount. Contact our Customer Service department for details.

“Authors of chapters in the manual will provide summaries of major issues and concerns that arise in a real estate practice. This course is a great opportunity for practitioners to get a solid grounding in both day to day practice issues and current state of the law.”

-Randy Klarenbach, course co-chair

Register by May 20 to save with early bird pricing! Register online or call our Customer Service department at 604-893-2121.