CLEBC Wins International ACLEA Awards for Programs and Technology

CLEBC is honoured once again to receive awards of outstanding achievement from the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA). Nadia Myerthall, Program Lawyer, and Meredith Woods, Manager Online Education and Resources, will travel to Boston, MA in August to accept the Awards of Outstanding Achievement in both Programs and Technology.

The Programs award is being presented for our work in educating the profession on the new Family Law Act, while the Technology award is in recognition of a new, innovative product: Self-Paced eLearning.

Programs Award: The New Family Law Act - Educating and Training the Legal Profession

On March 31, 2013 the Family Law Act (“FLA”) came into force and the landscape of divorce and separation in British Columbia changed dramatically. The legislation impacted all family law practitioners and their staff, as well as other groups such as estate planning and corporate lawyers.

Faced with the challenge of developing programs to meet the needs of various groups of learners, we developed a series of programs which totaled over 510 hours of training on the Family Law Act.

The Family Law Act course

These programs were an organization-wide effort, with staff and volunteers teaming up to produce a variety of learning options, including:

  • full-day in-person courses and webinars
  • short online courses
  • skills-based training in screening for family violence, arbitration, mediation, and parenting coordination
  • Family Law Act Transition Guide (publication)

We used a variety of learning methods including PowerPoint lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, and role-playing exercises.

This series of programs allowed us to deliver cutting edge substantive, practical, and academic content which provided legal professionals with an advanced look at the future of family law in our province.

Technology Award: Self-Paced eLearning

Self-Paced eLearning courses offer a way for members of the legal community to learn and earn CPD credit by watching an online course on demand and at your own pace.

Self-Paced eLearning brings a new level of flexibility to the continuing legal education landscape. We created this format to appeal to a variety of learners, including those who do not have access to our usual course locations, or the time to devote to a full-day course.

Self-Paced eLearning

You can complete a Self-Paced eLearning course by watching a short, previously-recorded webinar which is divided into segments of two to eleven minutes. Each segment has a title and a clickable thumbnail image, making it easy to move around the course content and review and concentrate on the parts that are of interest to you. There are opportunities to test your knowledge and reflect on the content by answering questions between segments. Your answers are saved when you exit the program, allowing you to return and complete the course later.

These dynamic and interactive courses give you full control of the order in which you view the content, when and how often you view the content and reference materials, and when you answer or re-answer the questions.

We select our Self-Paced eLearning courses based on their broad applicability and long-term relevance. Most offer credit for professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and/or practice management.

Check out our complete list of award-winning Self-Paced eLearning options and take advantage of the opportunity to learn on your own and at your own pace.