Wills, Estates, and Probate: More resources on the way from CLEBC

January 24, 2014

Leading wills and estates practitioners and CLEBC staff are working hard to prepare for the new Wills, Estates and Succession Act coming into force on March 31, 2014.

CLEBC recently held one of its biggest conferences to date, WESA and the New Rules: Is Your Estates Practice Ready? attended by over 500 registrants.

The Pan Pacific Hotel hosted 300 face-to-face registrants on November 21 and 22, and another 244 attended online via live webinar. Expert speakers gave insight into the important changes with topics such as drafting techniques and tips, curative dispensing provisions and rectification, and beneficiary plans.

These topics, along with many others, provided a comprehensive, thorough, and detailed overview of the legislative changes under WESA.

WESA conference
Nadia Myerthall, CLEBC Program Lawyer in charge of Wills and Estates, says “Anyone who is practicing in this area should become thoroughly familiar with the WESA and the new Rules before they come into effect. Our courses are the most comprehensive available.”

A focus on Probate Rules

While November’s WESA course only touched on the Probate Rules, two additional CLEBC courses in February will provide a more detailed and practical, hands-on approach for those working with Probate Rules.

CLEBC will hit the road to bring these important courses to the legal community throughout the province. Estate Administration: Navigating the New Rules will be held on February 13 in Vancouver, February 20 in Victoria, and February 27 in Kelowna. You can also attend the Vancouver course via live webinar from your own computer.

A second, half-day course, Estates Applications Under the New Rules, will be of particular interest to paralegals, legal support staff, and anyone involved in using the new Probate Rules and forms. This course will be held on February 14 in Vancouver, February 21 in Victoria, and February 28 in Kelowna. This course is only offered face-to-face due to the hands-on and practical workshop style.

WESA conference

Myerthall says that those who attended the November overview course will benefit from the transactional approach and specific focus on the Probate Rules offered in the February courses, as will anyone who missed the November course and would like an update on the new Rules.

Speakers for these courses include government staff who helped to draft the Rules, as well as registry staff who will implement them. Registrants will get first-hand information from BC Ministry of Justice Legal Counsel Tyler Nyvall, who also spoke at the November conference. They will also hear from Registrar Kathryn Sainty, Sheri Rojas, and Master Carolyn Bouck, all of whom will be involved in reviewing the completed forms under the new Rules.

Course materials for the February courses will include selected chapters from CLEBC’s BC Probate and Estate Administration Practice Manual, which will be updated in early February. Although some chapters will be provided with the materials, Myerthall recommends that everyone working with Estate Administration purchase a copy of this manual, which will be available in print and online.

CLEBC’s courses are taking place throughout the province and many are available online through Live Webinars and scheduled Rebroadcasts.

Take advantage of our courses, manuals and transition guides to be ready for the new legislation on March 31.