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BC Business Disputes--ONLINE ACCESS

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Your practice-oriented guide to commercial litigation in British Columbia

This publication is essential for: lawyers at all levels of practice who advise clients on business disputes.

Current to: August 1, 2016

Winner of the ACLEA Award of Outstanding Achievement in PublicationsBritish Columbia Business Disputescanvasses a full array of causes of action in a wide range of commercial activities, from contractual breaches and common law torts to rights of action conferred under federal and provincial statutes. It incorporates the latest legal developments, with a focus on BC cases. Intended to provide guidance for solicitors advising clients and litigators pursuing or defending claims, a chapter on each dispute area includes critical analysis of key elements, defences, jurisdiction, remedies, and leading case law, as well as practice tips.

Highlights of the 2016 Update 

  • new chapter on professional negligence
  • expanded damages chapter
  • new case law at trial, appellate, and SCC levels on all forms of business disputes
  • new statutory causes of action, civil and criminal remedies
  • current and expected law reform in many areas

CLEBC Legal Editor
L. Joy Tataryn

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