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Advising BC Businesses--ONLINE ACCESS

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Effective advice; key forms and precedents for all your business law clients

This publication is essential for: all solicitors in their first five years of practice and also for general practitioners who do any business law work.

Current to: November 1, 2016

Take advantage of the collective wisdom of BC’s leading business law practitioners! This broad-ranging work offers the type of information that good mentors pass on to their associates, with an emphasis on "how to" and practical tips.

Advising BC Businesses covers all stages of advising a business, starting from the first meeting with the client. With this resource, you will help clients select appropriate business structures and to set up their businesses, and guide them through the legal issues that arise during the life of a business. You will be able to handle a diverse range of client needs and situations, recognize possible pitfalls and problems, and determine when you need more specialized advice.

16 chapters in volume 1 refer to over 60 key forms and precedents in volume 2. Coverage includes companies, societies, partnerships, and other kinds of businesses.

Winner of the ACLEA Award for Professional Excellence in Publications.

Subscriptions include online access with search capabilities and links to the full text of case and legislation, and forms and precedents CD-ROM.

Highlights of the 2017 update:

  • chapter 1 (Initial Considerations) and Chapter 2 (Organizing and Operating a Business) - revised coverage to reflect the new Societies Act. 

  • chapter 3 (Debt Financing) )—new coverage for money laundering and client identification; also new commentary on use of lawyer’s trust cheques.

  • chapter 4 (Equity Financing)—significant updates on prospectus exemptions (under revised NI 45-106).

  • chapter 5 (Business Acquisitions)—key court decisions on broken business deals (the 2017 Update incorporates over 40 new decisions from appellate and other courts).

  • chapter 7 (Legal Opinions)—new statements from the Solicitors’ Legal Opinions Committee; also new coverage of legal opinions regarding share capital.

  • chapter 8 (Tax Issues)—coverage of the foreign buyers tax; also significant updates for the CRA’s revised tax treatment of partnerships.

  • chapter 11 (Real Estate Issues)—updates relating to electronic searches and electronic filing with the LTSA.

  • chapter 12 (Environmental Law)—coverage of the new Water Sustainability Act, Riparian Areas Protection Act, revised Environmental Management Act, and federal and provincial carbon tax initiatives.

  • chapter 16 (Bankruptcy)—revisions throughout for new case law and practice developments.

CLEBC Legal Editor
Morag MacLean

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