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Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions--ONLINE ACCESS

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The bench and bar's indispensable trial preparation aid for criminal jury trial

This book is essential for: judges and lawyers involved in criminal jury trials.

Current to: September 1, 2015

ONLINE ONLY annual subscriptions to this book include convenient online access and downloadable forms and precedents. 

You know how much work is involved in a criminal jury trial—research, case law analysis, the elements of the instruction. CRIMJI puts all of the case law research that goes into a judge's instruction to the jury to work for you. This long-standing, trusted resource is written by a leading academic and esteemed members of the BC and Ontario judiciary, is reviewed by an expert editorial board, and is updated annually.

With this resource, you will have convenient access to:

  • over 150 instructions on trial procedures, evidence, and all major offences and defences
  • clear, concise language that is easy for jurors to understand
  • extensive annotations with references and quotes from relevant case law
  • user notes and checklists
  • charges available as downloads

Online access conveniently places this resource at your fingertips.

Highlights of the 2015 update

  • new CRIMJI 8.53—Provocation was added, reflecting Parliament’s amendments to the provocation defence.
  • CRIMJI incorporates case law and legislative developments to approximately September 1, 2015.
  • revisions were made to the following jury instructions or materials:
    • CRIMJI 0.00—User’s Guide
    • CRIMJI 4.20—Admission or Confession of the Accused
    • CRIMJI 4.81—Untrustworthy Witnesses—Accomplice—Vetrovec Warning
    • CRIMJI 4.91—Tape Recordings
    • CRIMJI 6.08—Assault
    • CRIMJI 6.42—First Degree Murder
    • CRIMJI 8.32—Mental Disorder at the Time of the Offence 
    • CRIMJI 8.36—Intoxication
    • CRIMJI 8.55—Self-Defence and Defence of Others 
    • CRIMJI 10.02—Request for Further Instructions on the Law

CLEBC Legal Editor
Jonathan Vogt

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