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BC Probate & Estate Administration Practice Manual--ONLINE ACCESS

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Handle probate and estate matters with confidence

This publication is essential for: all practitioners who do estate administration or estate litigation work.

Current to: March 1, 2016

The BC Probate and Estate Administration Practice Manual is the only practice-oriented guide for British Columbia legal professionals working in probate and estate administration. This long-standing, trusted resource is written and peer-reviewed by leading members of the wills and estates bar, and is updated annually.

With this resource, you will have:

  • step-by-step, practical guidance on managing probate and estate matters, from providing initial advice to a personal representative, to preparing and making applications, to handling difficult tax and conflict of laws issues
  • the forms and precedents you need available as downloads
  • convenient checklists on the procedures to follow in a matter

Online access conveniently places this resource at your fingertips and is fully searchable with links to full-text cases and legislation.

Highlights of the 2016 Update

  • substantial updates in chapters 5 and 6 to reflect current procedures for completing applications for estate grants
  • practice updates throughout the manual to incorporate revised policies of key registries, including the Probate Registry, LTSA, and CRA
  • the new federal tax regime for trusts (including proposed relief measures announced on January 15, 2016) and other Income Tax Act amendments, with significant revisions in tax chapters 12 to 14
  • revised commentary throughout for other developments, such as WESA and probate rules amendments, and the new Pension Benefits Standards Act
  • over 60 new cases incorporated into the commentary, including Kish v. Sobchak Estate and other appellate court decisions
  • enhancements to forms and features, such as new sample orders under the WESA, ss. 130 and 131, and expansion of the manual’s digital assets chart
  • all features of the manual current to March 1, 2016, with legislation current to April 5, 2016

CLEBC Legal Editor
Jonathan M. Vogt

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