CLEBC Wins Award of Professional Excellence

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CLEBC Wins Award of Professional Excellence
CLEBC is pleased to announce that our 4-part Corporate Records Series program, which ran over the course of several months in 2014, is the recipient of an ACLEA’s Best Award for 2015! It has been selected for the Award of Professional Excellence in the programs category. This is the highest achievement in terms of ACLEA Awards!

This is a tremendous accomplishment for CLEBC.

It took a lot of time, creativity, and effort to design, organize, market, administer, and run this program. It involved all aspects of our organization working as a team, and I would like to thank and acknowledge all staff for their efforts. I would like to particularly thank Genevieve Chang for her leadership, innovative mindset, and hard work in developing this program and making it such a huge success.

Congratulations to Genevieve, and to everyone at CLEBC!

Rob Seto
Director of Programs, CLEBC