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As a real estate practitioner, you juggle competing demands on multiple projects while also staying up to date with the ever-changing landscape of BC’s real estate laws. Whether you advise commercial clients or focus on residential conveyancing, CLEBC’s real estate resources provide you with the updates, precedents, and guidance to help you stay current without dropping the ball.

Real Estate Publications

CLEBC’s real estate books cover both commercial and residential real estate. They are full of step-by-step guidance through transactions and detailed precedents from the vaults of leading practitioners for developments, leases, financing, transfers, land titles issues, and much more.

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British Columbia Mortgages Practice Manual
This fundamental and well-organized practice manual takes you through the entire mortgage process from receiving lender’s instructions to concluding the mortgage.

British Columbia Real Estate Development Practice Manual
This resource explains not only the law but also the historical and business context for a wide array of real estate development issues in BC. Features an entire chapter on the City of Vancouver planning and regulatory environment.

British Columbia Real Estate Practice Manual
A lawyer’s day-to-day guide to conveyancing, this manual completely covers all the necessary stages of a conveyance and addresses practice issues most likely to confront and require a lawyer’s expertise.

British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual
Your must-have resource for working in the field of strata property, this resource discusses the practical aspects of meeting the requirements for creation, governance, operation, finances, and insurance of a strata corporation.

Conveyancing Deskbook
Designed for legal support staff, this publication full of checklists, commentary, forms, and precedents gives you practical step-by-step instruction through all tasks involved in transferring land in BC.

Commercial Leasing: Annotated Precedents
Access a vault of commercial lease templates from some of BC’s leading commercial lawyers. This compilation of annotated commercial leases will help you draft documents that reflect current law and practice.

Land Title Practice Manual
Used by Land Title and Survey Authority staff when reviewing registration applications, this indispensable manual contains the full Land Title Act with section-by-section commentary, forms, practice tips, and case summaries.

Real Estate Financing: Annotated Precedents
Complete with commentary, practice tips, case law, and legislation, this collection of real estate financing precedents offers over 20 full templates for commitment letters, mortgages, general security agreements, collateral documents, and more.

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