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Who should attend: Litigators and solicitors from areas of law which have a significant cannabis marijuana element—including but not limited to: civil litigation, criminal law, municipal law, health law, insurance law, labour and employment law, business law, and corporate finance.

Learning level: All levels

The place of cannabis marijuana in the lives of Canadians will undergo a radical change with its legalization and entry into the mainstream. This transformation will affect Canada’s legal landscape. The new status of cannabis will have profound implications in many areas of practice.

On the first day, we will provide an overview including cannabis marijuana basics (botany and pharmacology), the history of cannabis in Canada and globally, the 2016 Task Force Report, and a review of how the legalization big picture will impact many sub-areas of law practice.

On the morning of the second day, our focus is on two areas of regulation: cannabis as a drug and the effect of cannabis on individuals.

In “Cannabis as Medicine”, you will examine the evolution of cannabis marijuana from a controlled drug to a regulated health care product, as well as the current issues in discourse surrounding medical cannabis.

In “Cannabis and Impairment”, you will explore the twin issues of regulation and measurement of potential impairment caused by cannabis in both the criminal law and employment law contexts.

In the afternoon session, we will review the major issues that arise when advising cannabis-related business. As cannabis becomes a mainstream industry, “cannabusinesses” will need legal advice on everything from investment, to setting up shop, to operations, and compliance. You will learn about business regulation, investment and finance, insurance, and cross-border issues to better serve this up-and-coming clientele.

If you practice in an area of law which has a significant cannabis marijuana dimension, you need this program!

Cannabis 2018: Maximizing the Help and Minimizing the Harm

Friday, June 8 | AM session [#1532]

Cannabusiness 2018: Cannabis and Business – The Ultimate Joint Venture

Friday, June 8 | PM session [#1533]

The following gives our customers the ability to register for different combos of the 3 different courses:

Cannabis: Medicine and Business

Friday, June 8 | whole day [#1534]

The New Cannabis Landscape 2018

Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 8 | 2 full days [#1535]

Cannabis Day 1 + Day 2 AM

Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 8 AM session [#1536]

Cannabis Day 2 + Day 2 PM

Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 8 PM session [#1537]