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The practice of family law is constantly evolving as society moves towards new social structures, relationships, and technologies. CLEBC offers family law resources to help you stay current with emerging issues while ensuring you are confident with the essentials. Whether you are looking for a forum to discuss the latest developments with your colleagues in the family bar or need a template for your day-to-day drafting, we’ve got you covered.

Family Law Publications

Choose from our comprehensive library of family law publications including a compilation of annotated statues, procedural guidebooks, and complete collections of court form and agreements precedents. Full of commentary, annotations, and practice tips, our family law publications are the place to start the search to your family law questions.

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Annotated Family Practice 2017-2018
A must-have BC family law resource, this is your invaluable compilation of all core BC family law statutes, rules, regulations, guidelines, and practice directions annotated with succinct summaries of significant cases.

BC Family Practice Manual
Rather than focusing on substantive law, this long-standing publication offers detailed discussion on steps to take, proper procedures, limitation periods, and forms to use in every family law practice scenario.

Desk Order Divorce: An Annotated Guide
Put together desk order divorce packages that won’t be rejected. This compact guide gives you step-by-step guidance on navigating the peculiarities of desk order divorces.

Family Law Agreements – Annotated Precedents
The premiere place to find BC-focused sample clauses and agreements, this tool offers precedents from some of BC’s most accomplished family law lawyers. Online version features CLEBC’s document builder.

Family Law Deskbook
Designed for legal support staff, you can speedily complete your family law tasks with over 100 precedents unique to support staff needs. Learn to manage your family law files in an effective and timely way.

Family Law Sourcebook for British Columbia
The efficient way to find key principles and cases in BC family law, this topically-organized substantive law sourcebook is updated annually and presents an excellent overview of the current state of family law in BC.

Supreme Court Chambers Orders – Annotated
This collection of over 80 sample chambers orders features explanations of when each order should be used and the evidence that must be presented so you can draft your orders correctly the first time around.

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