CLEBC’s Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

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CLEBC Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan: Answering the Calls to Action

Ardith Walpetko We’dalx Walkem, QC | November 23, 2017

A message from Ardith Walpetko We’dalx Walkem, QC, Chair of CLEBC’s Truth and Reconciliation Task Force.

Ardith Walpetko We’dalx Walkem, QC


I am the Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC’s Truth and Reconciliation Task Force. For the past year, this group has been working on an Action Plan to guide the work of CLEBC in implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action in the area of legal education.

This work was driven by CLEBC board members, and members of the Indigenous legal community, who generously dedicated their time and skills to help craft this response to the TRC’s Calls to Action.

Members of the CLEBC Task Force

Board Members: 
Judge Karen Whonnock (original Task Force Chair)
Jay Fogel
Frances Kelly
Dean Bradford Morse
Rolf Warburton

Staff Members: 
Linda Russell
Susan Munro
Rob Seto
Teresa Sheward
Joy Tataryn

Members of the Indigenous Legal Community: 
Patricia M. Barkaskas
Halie Kwanxwa’logwa Bruce
Tina L. Dion, QC
Leah Sisi-ya-ama George-Wilson
Andrea Hilland
Elizabeth Hunt
Grand Chief Edward Akile Ch’oh John
Melissa Louie
Kathy Louis
Val Napoleon
Leona Sparrow
Kris Statnyk

It is our hope that the CLEBC Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan will make a real and meaningful difference working with the profession to successfully implement the Calls to Action.


Ardith Walpetko We’dalx Walkem, QC
Chair, CLEBC Truth and Reconciliation Task Force

Questions? Comments? Please contact Teresa Sheward, CLEBC Program Lawyer.

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