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As a trusted advisor dedicated to the present and future financial security of your clients, you work carefully to organize your clients’ affairs to achieve their goals during their lifetimes and after death. CLEBC’s wills, estates, and trusts resources offer the tools and templates you need to ensure your clients’ estates are orderly distributed, family conflicts are avoided, and tax exposures are reduced.

Wills, Estates and Trusts Publications

Choose from our publications focused on providing you with procedural guidance, planning techniques, and valuable precedents for your wills, estates, and trusts practice. Our library includes the ever-popular Wills and Personal Planning Precedents: An Annotated Guide, a comprehensive collection of sample will clauses and documents (including representation agreements) written by BC’s leading wills lawyers.

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Annotated Estates Practice
A crucial part of your wills and estates library, this is your indispensable and portable compilation of BC wills and estates statutes, rules, and regulations for use when you are in court or away from the office.

BC Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation
This guide to effective estate planning techniques for complicated portfolios focuses on tax-based planning. It provides commentary and annotated forms so you can create wealth preservation tools to complement your client’s will.

BC Probate & Estate Administration Practice Manual
Properly handle your BC probate and estate matters with this longstanding manual answering all your probate and estate administration questions, from initial contact with a personal representative to post-grant issues.

Wills and Personal Planning Precedents: An Annotated Guide
Find BC-focused, plain language sample clauses, questionnaires, and letters for wills, powers of attorney, and other related documents prepared by BC’s leading wills practitioners in this immensely popular precedent collection. Online version features CLEBC’s document builder.

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