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Get 24/7 access with CLE Online

CLE Online offers you 24/7 online access to CLEBC’s online resources so you can learn and work from anywhere at anytime.

Easy, painless CPD

Did you know that beginning January 1, 2019, the Law Society of BC allows you to earn CPD credit for viewing pre-recorded courses, on your own?

Gone are the days of struggling to find blocks of time with other lawyers to complete your CPD. Log in to Courses on Demand and get all your CPD credits by yourself, in one place, for a one-time annual fee.

With Courses on Demand, you have 24/7 online access to CPD-eligible pre-recorded video presentations, so you can complete your credits whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Courses on Demand also takes the guesswork out of your CPD budget for the year. With one flat fee, you can accurately predict CPD expenses for you or your firm.

Customize your education

Self-direct your CPD education with Courses on Demand. Pick and choose to watch only the presentations on topics relevant to you at the learning level you need.

With Courses on Demand, you decide what and who you watch along with how long you watch any presentation, to ensure every minute spent on CPD is valuable to you.

You can journey from junior to advanced topics, explore issues at a high level or in depth, and watch as many presentations as you need.

Can’t decide what to watch? CLEBC staff have combed through thousands of presentations to create pre-tailored “Selections” packages including:

  • Practice Area Picks – notable presentations in the core areas of Business, Family, Litigation, Real Estate, and Wills, Estates & Trusts to save you time in finding the gems.
  • Practice Area Fundamentals – engaging presentations providing fundamental knowledge in the core areas so you know which presentations to start with.
  • 100% Ethics – presentations which completely focus on and qualify for “professional responsibility and ethics, practice management, client care and relations” credit, so you can easily complete your two hours.
  • The Well-Rounded Lawyer – presentations on topics like cultural competency and lawyer wellness, to prepare you for practising at a high standard in all situations.

Streamline your research

Need a quick overview of the law before a client meeting? Looking for analysis of the most pressing issues in your practice area? Start your research with Courses on Demand.

With a substantial archive of 2,800+ video presentations from CLEBC courses since 2012 and 5,500+ course papers since 2001, Courses on Demand provides coverage of all practice areas and deep content so you can find the answer to your practice question.

Courses on Demand’s interface allows you to quickly and easily navigate or search for the CLEBC presentations, courses, and papers you want by title, topic, or contributor.

In addition, you have shortcut access to all available presentations under these frequently-requested areas of research:

  • Views from the Bench
  • Case Law Updates
  • Indigenous Laws

Courses on Demand is constantly updated, with 400+ new video presentations and 200+ new papers each year. Video presentations and papers from CLEBC courses are added to Course on Demand approximately 30 days after the original course date, so you can feel confident that you are basing your research on CLEBC’s most current information.

Your mentor on the go

Sometimes, you have a practice question and just need to ask a colleague who knows. Courses on Demand is your connection to the wisdom of your peers and teachers, at your fingertips.

Courses on Demand’s presentations and papers represent the collective knowledge of the colleagues and leading lawyers that you know and trust. With materials specific to BC law created by BC lawyers, Courses on Demand gives you BC-oriented perspectives on legal and practice issues.

Use Courses on Demand to find particular materials created by a specific lawyer, or use it to find out which of your colleagues has expertise in dealing with your question so you can reach out to get your answer.


To purchase your Courses on Demand subscription or if you have any questions about the service, please call CLEBC’s friendly customer service team at 604.893.2121 or 1.800.663.0437 today.