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BC-specific and practice-oriented, CLEBC publications provide commentary, tips, guidance, and precedents to assist you in answering your daily practice questions quickly and efficiently. Written by BC’s most respected judges, lawyers, and law professors, our publications are updated regularly and peer-reviewed so you can rely on the most up-to-date information available.

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Practice AreaTitle
AllAnnual Review of Law & Practice
Your review of the year’s most important legal developments, this popular publication summarizes and analyzes recent changes in case law, legislation, and policy in over 30 topics in a portable, succinct format.
Administrative LawBritish Columbia Administrative Law Practice Manual
A unified framework to navigating administrative law practice and procedure in BC, this comprehensive manual covers strategies for effective advocacy before decision-makers and courts at both federal and provincial levels.
BusinessAdvising British Columbia Businesses
Your go-to source for basic business law advice, this work is organized by topic and covers common legal issues that emerge during the life cycle of a business. It offers the type of information that good mentors pass on to their associates.
BusinessBritish Columbia Business Disputes
A first resource when researching a business dispute issue, this award-winning manual canvasses a full array of causes of action in commercial activities to help you quickly give initial advice on your client’s dispute.
BusinessFEATURED British Columbia Company Law Practice Manual
Recently updated with a brand new chapter on the Societies Act! This comprehensive practice manual is the authoritative guide to British Columbia company law and practice.
BusinessBritish Columbia Personal Property Security Act Practice Manual
Get answers to your PPSA questions‚ from negotiating security to non-compliance.
BusinessBuying and Selling a Business - Annotated Precedents
From preliminary documentation to closing the deal, this popular collection of annotated precedents is an essential reference for lawyers working with business acquisitions.
BusinessCompany Law Deskbook
A practical step-by-step guide to company law and practice, the deskbook includes detailed checklists, extensive practice tips, thorough statutory references, and comprehensive forms and precedents.
BusinessDue Diligence Deskbook
The smart way to start your business acquisition investigation, this BC-centric deskbook contains explanations of searches and information sheets so you can conduct your due diligence systematically and efficiently.
Creditor and DebtorBritish Columbia Creditors' Remedies - An Annotated Guide
Your one-stop resource for direction on any collection-related practice issue in BC, this text takes you through the procedures and court forms for creditors’ remedies practice in BC Supreme Court.
Criminal LawCanadian Criminal Jury Instructions
The bench and bar's indispensable criminal jury trial preparation aid, CRIMJI offers over 150 plain language model jury instructions with outlines of key instruction components, relevant case law, and user notes of cautions and alternatives.
Family LawAnnotated Family Practice
A must-have BC family law resource, this is your invaluable compilation of all core BC family law statutes, rules, regulations, guidelines, and practice directions annotated with succinct summaries of significant cases.
Family LawFEATURED British Columbia Family Practice Manual
Rather than focusing on substantive law, this long-standing publication offers detailed discussion on steps to take, proper procedures, limitation periods, and forms to use in every family law practice scenario.
Family LawFamily Law Agreements - Annotated Precedents
The premiere place to find BC-focused sample clauses and agreements, this tool offers precedents from some of BC’s most accomplished family law lawyers. Online version features CLEBC’s document builder.
Family LawFamily Law Deskbook
Designed for legal support staff, you can speedily complete your family law tasks with over 100 precedents unique to support staff needs. Learn to manage your family law files in an effective and timely way.
Family LawFEATURED Family Law Sourcebook for British Columbia
The efficient way to find key principles and cases in BC family law, this topically-organized substantive law sourcebook is updated annually and presents an excellent overview of the current state of family law in BC.
Family LawFEATURED Financial Issues in Family Law
Your go-to guide to understanding financial information in financially complex family law cases, complete with sample documents and annotated with practical commentary.
Labour and EmploymentEmployment Standards in British Columbia - Annotated Legislation and Commentary
Your definitive guide to employment standards issues in BC, this resource offers annotations for the full text of the Employment Standards Act and Regulations and features judiciously selected case summaries of significant tribunal and court decisions.
LitigationBritish Columbia Builders Liens Practice Manual
Providing solutions to your Builders Lien Act problems and questions, this practice manual will help you quickly determine the procedures and time limits for filing, enforcing, or discharging your client’s lien.
LitigationCivil Trial Handbook
Full of legal principles you need to know and time-tested techniques you will want to consider to support your case, this is your handy resource for preparing for and conducting trials in BC Supreme Court.
LitigationFEATURED Civil Appeal Handbook
The classic guide to appellate court practice in BC, this definitive text is your companion for civil appellate law, practice, and procedure on everything from jurisdiction through to post-hearing issues.
LitigationCivil Jury Instructions
The only full set of civil jury instructions in Canada, this compilation of approximately 100 standard, plain language jury instructions will save you huge amounts research, writing, and updating time when preparing charges.
LitigationDiscovery Practice in British Columbia
Featuring scripts used by seasoned litigators, this manual is your mentor for mastering all aspects of discovery and your key to reaching settlement or gaining an edge at trial.
Litigation Expert Evidence in BC Civil Proceedings
Your guide to choosing, briefing, calling, and attacking expert witnesses, this publication features a chapter on what makes a powerful expert opinion presentation from the perspective of a trial judge.
LitigationFEATURED Introducing Evidence at Trial
Improve your ability to introduce and control evidence at trial with this portable resource containing detailed discussion, pointers, checklists, and model scripts for each type of evidence in civil or criminal trials.
LitigationProvincial Court Small Claims Handbook
Provide economical, high quality small claims services to your clients with this meticulous review of all the unique steps in a small claims action. Now includes a chapter on the new Civil Resolution Tribunal.
LitigationFEATURED Practice Before the Registrar
Know what to expect and what's expected at your registrar’s hearing. This is the only text in BC that documents the many previously unwritten rules of registrar’s practice so you can prepare for a smooth hearing.
LitigationPublic Guardian & Trustee Handbook
This handbook covers the responsibilities, processes, and fees of the Public Guardian and Trustee in three important areas: services to adults, services to children and youth, and estate and personal trust services.
LitigationSmall Claims Act & Rules: Annotated
Intended as a handy reference at interlocutory appearances, settlement conferences, and trials, this handbook sets out complete text of the Small Claims Act and Small Claims Rules annotated with case law.
LitigationSupreme Court Chambers Orders - Annotated
This collection of over 80 sample chambers orders features explanations of when each order should be used and the evidence that must be presented so you can draft your orders correctly the first time around.
Municipal LawLocal Government: A British Columbia Legal Handbook
This handbook explains how the BC Local Government Act and Community Charter work with other statutes to govern each aspect of local government law including elections, services, powers, finances, and land use.
Personal Injury LawFEATURED British Columbia Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Practice Manual
The go-to resource for researching the extensive range of legal and practice issues that arise in motor vehicle accident claims, this manual discusses key issues, forms, and cases related to any motor vehicle accident question.
Personal Injury LawFEATURED Plus TC & D: The Assessment of Costs and Disbursements in Motor Vehicle Injury Litigation
Save time drafting Appendix B bills of costs with this resource tabulating the number of units to claim under the tariff ranges and explaining which disbursements will be allowed by an assessor.
Real EstateBritish Columbia Mortgages Practice Manual
This fundamental and well-organized practice manual takes you through the entire mortgage process from receiving lender’s instructions to concluding the mortgage.
Real EstateBritish Columbia Real Estate Development Practice Manual
This resource explains not only the law but also the historical and business context for a wide array of real estate development issues in BC. Features an entire chapter on the City of Vancouver planning and regulatory environment.
Real EstateBritish Columbia Real Estate Practice Manual
A lawyer’s day-to-day guide to conveyancing, this manual completely covers all the necessary stages of a conveyance and addresses practice issues mostly likely to confront and require a lawyer's expertise.
Real EstateFEATURED British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual
Your must-have resource for working in the field of strata property, this resource discusses the practical aspects of meeting the requirements for creation, governance, operation, finances, and insurance of a strata corporation.
Real EstateConveyancing Deskbook
Designed for legal support staff, this publication full of checklists, commentary, forms, and precedents gives you practical step-by-step instruction through all tasks involved in transferring land in BC.
Real EstateCommercial Leasing - Annotated Precedents
Access a vault of commercial lease templates from some of BC’s leading commercial lawyers. This compilation of annotated commercial leases will help you draft documents that reflect current law and practice.
Real EstateFEATURED Land Title Practice Manual
Used by Land Title and Survey Authority staff when reviewing registration applications, this indispensable manual contains the full Land Title Act with section-by-section commentary, forms, practice tips, and case summaries.
Real EstateReal Estate Financing - Annotated Precedents
Complete with commentary, practice tips, case law, and legislation, this collection of real estate financing precedents offers over 20 full templates for commitment letters, mortgages, general security agreements, collateral documents, and more.
Wills, Estates & TrustsAnnotated Estates Practice
A crucial part of your wills and estates library, this is your indispensable and portable compilation of BC wills and estates statutes, rules, and regulations for use when you are in court or away from the office.
Wills, Estates & TrustsBritish Columbia Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation
This guide to effective estate planning techniques for complicated portfolios focuses on tax-based planning. It provides commentary and annotated forms so you can create wealth preservation tools to complement your client’s will.
Wills, Estates & TrustsFEATURED British Columbia Probate & Estate Administration Practice Manual
Properly handle your BC probate and estate matters with this longstanding manual answering all your probate and estate administration questions, from initial contact with a personal representative to post-grant issues.
Wills, Estates & TrustsFEATURED Estate Disputes in British Columbia: A Litigator's Guide
This comprehensive practice manual covers the most common procedural and substantive issues in estate litigation. With step-by-step guidance on procedure and over 40 sample forms and precedents, this is your go-to resource to confidently litigate your clients' estate disputes.
Wills, Estates & TrustsFEATURED Wills and Personal Planning Precedents: An Annotated Guide
Find BC-focused, plain language sample clauses, questionnaires, and letters for wills, powers of attorney, and other related documents prepared by BC’s leading wills practitioners in this immensely popular precedent collection. Online version features CLEBC’s document builder.