Plus TC&D: The Assessment of Costs and Disbursements in Motor Vehicle Injury Litigation

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Save time drafting bills of costs for motor vehicle injury litigation; be confident that the units and disbursements you claim will be allowed.

This publication is essential for: anyone involved in personal injury litigation arising from motor vehicle accidents.

Plus TC&D: The Assessment of Costs and Disbursements in Motor Vehicle Injury Litigation is your must-have tool for preparing bills of costs under the tariff in Appendix B of the Supreme Court Civil Rules. It is the answer to all of your cost questions, from the number of units to claim under the ranges in the tariff, to which disbursements will be allowed by the assessor. Plus TC&D contains the most recent cases on each tariff item and specific disbursements selected by authors Christopher J. Hope and Kathryn S. Sainty, KC.

With Plus TC&D, you will be able to:

  • draft bills of costs more quickly and confidently
  • advise your clients of the risks of incurring certain disbursements
  • easily access the case law you need to persuade the other party or assessor of the appropriateness of your costs claims

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The 6th edition of Plus TC&D is current to June 1, 2022. Highlights of this edition include:

  • discussion of limits on recover of disbursements under the Evidence Act and the Disbursements and Expert Evidence Regulation
  • new case annotations of the following decisions:
    • Armstrong v. Lakeridge Resort Ltd., 2017 ONSC 6565
    • D.Z. v. R.H.Z., 2021 BCSC 689 (Master)
    • Ieraci v. Gallo, 2016 BCSC 1611 (Registrar)
    • Kakavelakis v. Boutsakis, 2021 BCSC 1656 (Registrar)
    • LeRoy v. Timberwest Forest Corp., 2021 BCSC 2346 (Registrar)
    • McGill v. Jansen, 2020 BCSC 1124 (Master)
    • Northwest Organics, Limited Partnership and Northwest Group Properties Inc. v. Roest, 2020 BCSC 372 (Registrar)
    • Stewart v. Wood, 2019 ONSC 3931

Contributing Authors

Christopher J. Hope
Lindsay LLP

Christopher J. HopeChris Hope attended the University of Victoria and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1995 and a Juris Doctor in 1998. After articling and practising for several years with Race & Company in Squamish and Whistler, he moved to Lindsay Kenney in Vancouver in 2003. Chris is currently a partner with Lindsay LLP. Chris appears in all levels of court, primarily in motor vehicle injury litigation, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. He has been a tribunal member of the Property Assessment Appeal Board since 2008. Chris has also been a member of the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal and an arbitrator for TransLink fare infraction appeals. Chris has been writing and speaking on costs matters for many years, including publishing previous editions of Plus TC&D: The Assessment of Costs and Disbursements in Motor Vehicle Injury Litigation and speaking at numerous seminars, conferences, and webinar presentations.

Kathryn S. Sainty, KC
Sainty Law

Kathryn Sainty, KCKathryn S. Sainty was called to BC bar in 1986 after graduating from law school at the University of British Columbia and articling at a large downtown Vancouver law firm. After her articles, Kathryn practised with two small firms in Vancouver in the areas of entertainment law and securities law before joining Kane Shannon & Weiler in North Delta, where she initially practised corporate and commercial law before becoming a family law practitioner. Kathryn left private practice to become Legal Counsel to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1997. In 2001, she was appointed a District Registrar of the BC Supreme Court and became the Registrar of the Court in August 2011. In her role as a court registrar, Kathryn presided over innumerable assessments of costs. Kathryn retired from the court in 2014 and has since repurposed as a mediator, arbitrator, and litigation consultant. Kathryn was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 2015 and continues to speak regularly on costs matters.


1. Overview of Costs and Disbursements

2. Costs Assessments in Motor Vehicle Actions

3. Disbursements in Motor Vehicle Actions


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