British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual 

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What you need to know to practise strata property law with success

This publication is essential for: lawyers who need guidance on advising and acting for clients in the strata property context.

BC continues to undergo a high level of new strata construction and conversions, with windups now growing in number. With challenging legislative amendments and an active litigation and administrative law environment, the British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual is your must-have resource for doing legal work in the strata property context.

Focused on the nuances of practice in light of changing authorities, this manual explains requirements for creation, governance, operation, phasing, and winding up of a strata corporation, as well as financing, insurance, collections, rental, employment, human rights, and privacy issues. Relied on and cited by courts and tribunal, the manual offers help for legal professionals grappling with traditional and new venues for resolving strata disputes.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • read a strata plan and understand required land title filings
  • work with the distinctions between strata lots, CP, and LCP
  • gain confidence in your grasp of how sections operate and the meaning of types
  • work effectively with strata bylaws
  • advise your strata corporation, strata council and executive, section executive, strata lot owner, tenant, or occupant, strata manager, owner developer, and local government clients on their rights and responsibilities
  • save drafting time with over 50 strata property forms and precedents

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Highlights of the 2023 Update:

  • 2022 prohibition on rental restriction bylaws, tenant screening
  • 2022 limit on age restriction bylaws to age 55 plus
  • 2022 permission for electronic general meetings even absent bylaw
  • court decisions ordering amendment of Schedule of Unit Entitlement
  • winding up of strata corporation in case of leasehold strata plan
  • BCCA on remedial nature of s. 173(2), threshold for obtaining special levy order
  • November 2023 increase in required annual contribution to CRF
  • whether strata corporation fits into “landlord” definition following 2022 amendment to Residential Tenancy Policy Guideline 27
  • chargebacks and BCCA on recovery of expenses
  • BCSC on strata corporation’s power to protect solicitor-client communications
  • bylaws restricting use of a strata lot and short-term accommodations
  • 2022 OIPC Guidelines
  • April 2023 requirement for insurance coverage information in Form B

Editorial Board
Allyson L. Baker — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Veronica P. Franco — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
G. Stephen Hamilton — Hamilton & Company, New Westminster
Lisa N. Mackie — Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver
Jennifer L. Neville — Hamilton & Company, New Westminster

Anil K. Aggarwal — Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver
Allyson L. Baker — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Alexander J. Chang — Lesperance Mendes, Vancouver
Venus Duplin — Reid Hurst Nagy Inc., Chartered Professional Accountants, Richmond
Andrea E. Fammartino — Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver
Laura Forseille — BC Financial Services Authority, Vancouver
Veronica P. Franco — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Grant Haddock — Haddock & Company Lawyers, North Vancouver
G. Stephen Hamilton — Hamilton & Company, New Westminster
Maris C. Holmes — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Lucya Kowalewski — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
David A. Liden — Remedios & Company, Vancouver
Lisa N. Mackie — Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Vancouver
Amanda M. Magee — Lesperance Mendes, Vancouver
Kelsey C. Marshall — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Trevor W. Morley — Reed Pope Law Corporation, Victoria
Jennifer L. Neville — Hamilton & Company, New Westminster
Debbie Preston — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Benjamin L. Scheidegger — Hamilton & Company, New Westminster
L. Michael Walker — Miller Thomson LLP, Vancouver


1. Strata Law Practice in Flux

2. The Strata Concept

3. The Strata Plan

4. Common Property and Common Assets

5. The Strata Lot

6. Strata Management

7. Governance of the Strata Corporation

8. Sections in a Strata Development

9. Strata Corporations Finances

10. Collections by Strata Corporations

11. Bylaws and Rules

12. Strata Dispute Resolution

13. The Civil Resolution Tribunal

14. Recourse to the Courts

15. Rentals and Short-term Accommodation Use of Residential Strata Lots

16. Employment Issues

17. Human Rights

18. Privacy Issues

19. Insurance Issues

20. Court-appointed Administrators

21. Phased Strata Plans

22. The Duty to Repair and Maintain Strata Property

23. Fundamental Changes to the Strata Plan

24. Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Strata Lawyers



Forms and Precedents

Case Table
Statutes and Related Material Table

Featured Contributor—Stephen Hamilton

This year’s featured publications contributor is Stephen Hamilton of Hamilton & Company. Stephen practises in the areas of strata property and civil litigation. He is a longtime contributing author and editorial board member of CLEBC’s recently updated British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual. Read more…