BC Strata Property Practice Manual 

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What you need to know to practise strata property law with success

This publication is essential for: lawyers who need guidance on advising and acting for clients in the strata property context.

BC continues to undergo a high level of new strata construction and conversions, with windups now growing in number. With challenging legislative amendments and an active litigation and administrative law environment, the British Columbia Strata Property Practice Manual is your must-have resource for doing legal work in the strata property context. Focused on the nuances of practice in light of changing authorities, this manual explains requirements for creation, governance, operation, phasing, and winding up of a strata corporation, as well as financing, insurance, collections, rental, employment, human rights, and privacy issues. Relied on and cited by courts and tribunal, the manual offers help for legal professionals grappling with traditional and new venues for resolving strata disputes.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • read a strata plan and understand required land title filings
  • work with the distinctions between strata lots, CP, and LCP
  • gain confidence in your grasp of how sections operate and the meaning of types
  • work effectively with strata bylaws
  • advise your strata corporation, strata council and executive, section executive, strata lot owner, tenant, or occupant, strata manager, owner developer, and local government clients on their rights and responsibilities
  • save drafting time with over 50 strata property forms and precedents

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Highlights of the 2018 update

New and updated information on:

  • determining habitable area for purposes of unit entitlement recalculation
  • removing a limited common property designation made in error
  • proper interpretation of “reasonable legal costs” in registering and enforcing a Certificate of Lien
  • Residential Tenancy Act and Regulation amendments limitinguse of “vacate” clauses in certain fixed-term tenancy agreements; effect on bylaws limiting strata lot rentals
  • Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) power to determine whether items are common property
  • CRT power to resolve repair and maintenance obligation disputes
  • use of CRT to collect non-lienable amounts without quantum limit; whether CRT is a better route than courts to recover fines
  • scope of CRT’s or court’s power to remedy significant unfairness
  • threshold for leave to appeal CRT decisions; standard of review on appeal
  • emerging Strata Property Act Part 16 litigation in cases of aging/uneconomical strata plans
  • voluntary winding-up resolutions and new processes with and without liquidator

Editorial Board 

Allyson L. Baker — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Mary A.M. Brunton  — Reed Pope LLP, Victoria 
G. Stephen Hamilton — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Paul Mendes — Lesperance Mendes, Vancouver
Adrienne M. Murray — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Patrick A. Williams — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver


Allyson L. Baker — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Melvin W. Beaton — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Mary A.M. Brunton — Reed Pope LLP, Victoria
Andrew Dixon  — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver 
Venus Duplin — Director, Reid Hurst Nagy Inc., Certified General Accountants, Richmond
G. Stephen Hamilton — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Rong (Lauren) Liang — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
David A. Liden — Remedios & Company, Vancouver
Kelsey Marshall — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver
Paul Mendes — Lesperance Mendes, Vancouver
Adrienne M. Murray — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Jennifer L. Neville — Hammerberg Lawyers LLP, Vancouver
Sara E. Pope — Reed Pope LLP, Victoria
L. Michael Walker — Miller Thomson LLP, Vancouver
Patrick A. Williams — Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver

1. The Strata Concept

2. The Strata Plan

3. Common Property and Common Assets

4. The Strata Lot

5. Strata Management

6. Governance

6A. Sections

7. Finances

8. Collections

9. Bylaws and Rules

10. Strata Dispute Resolution

10A. The Civil Resolution Tribunal

10B. Recourse to the Courts

11. Rentals

12. Employment

13. Human Rights

14. Privacy

15. Insurance

16. Court-appointed Administrators

17. Phasing

18. The Duty to Repair

19. Fundamental Changes to the Strata Plan



Forms and Precedents

I. The Strata Concept

II. The Strata Plan

III. Common Property and Common Assets

IV. The Strata Lot

V. Strata Management

VI. Governance

VI.A. Sections

VII. Finances

VIII. Collections

IX. Bylaws and Rules

X. Strata Dispute Resolution

X.A. The Civil Resolution Tribunal

X.B. Recourse to the Courts

XI. Rentals

XII. Employment

XIII. Human Rights

XIV. Privacy

XV. Insurance

XVI. Court-appointed Administrators

XVII. Phasing

XVIII. The Duty to Repair

XIX. Fundamental Changes to the Strata Plan


Case Table

Statute Table




• glossary

• comprehensive index

• tables of cases and statutes

• complete set of forms and precedents

• checklists

• convenient looseleaf format with tab indexing

• online access to electronic version with hyperlinks to primary law

Featured Contributor—Stephen Hamilton

This year’s featured publications contributor is Stephen Hamilton of Hamilton & Company. Stephen practises in the areas of strata property and civil litigation. He is a longtime contributing author and editorial board member of CLEBC’s recently updated BC Strata Property Practice Manual. Read more…