Land Title Practice Manual

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Your inside look into the BC Land Title and Survey Authority

This publication is essential for: anyone who deals with land title matters in BC.

Published under authority of the Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA), Land Title Practice Manual is the reference resource for BC conveyancers. Used by LTSA staff when reviewing registration applications, this indispensable resource provides you with the full Land Title Act containing section-by-section commentary with applicable forms, practice tips, and case summaries.

In addition, you will find annotated relevant sections of over 20 other statutes and regulations affecting land title practice. Examples of documents acceptable to the LTSA, guidance on instrument registration, and a survey of liens and charges are also included as handy materials.

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the perspective of LTSA staff who review applications
  • reduce your risk of LTSA defect notices
  • quickly obtain answers to your questions about land title submissions

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Highlights of the 2022 update

  • new chapter on LOTA and LOTR
  • new and updated forms approved by Director of Land Titles
  • updated Surveyor General’s Circular Letters
  • updated legal notations and charges
  • annotated legislation updated
    • Land Title Act amended definition of “explanatory plan”
    • Forest Act amendments re agreements for Crown land dedications and forest service road declarations, amended definition of “forest service road”
    • Interpretation Act amendment to enforce construction of every enactment as upholding constitutional Aboriginal and treaty rights and as being consistent with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act
    • Land Title and Survey Authority Act amendment permitting court to find individual not incapable of managing their own affairs, for determining whether qualified to become or act as a director
    • Local Government Act and Community Charter amendments for public notice requirements
    • Strata Property Act new definition of “superintendent” appointed under Real Estate Services Act
    • Treaty First Nation Taxation Act amendments establishing regulation-making power to provide or enable time-limited property tax exemptions on eligible treaty lands of a taxing treaty First Nation
    • WESA amendments providing for electronic signatures and electronic wills
    • amended Business Corporations Act requirements for extraprovincial companies’ name reservations
    • case law updated and dozens of relevant new BCCA and BCSC cases discussed

Editorial Board

Ralston S. Alexander, KC — Cook Roberts LLP, Victoria
Larry S. Blaschuk — Registrar, Land Title Districts and Land Title Offices, New Westminster
Nancy Hancharyk — Policy and Program Analyst, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, New Westminster
Robert G. Howell — Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Victoria
Tim Jowett — Senior Policy Analyst and Deputy Registrar, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, New Westminster
Brenda M. Lightbody — Lawson Lundell LLP, Vancouver
Carlos MacDonald — Director of Land Titles, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, Victoria


Volume 1


1. Land Title Act, Part 1 (ss. 1 – 3)—Definitions, Interpretation and Application

2. Land Title Act, Part 2 (ss. 4 – 19)—Land Title Offices and Officers

3. Land Title Act, Part 3 (ss. 20 – 38)—Registration and Its Effect

4. Land Title Act, Part 4 (ss. 39 – 40)—Forms of Instruments

5. Land Title Act, Part 5 (ss. 41 – 50)—Attestation and Proof of Execution of Instruments

6. Land Title Act, Part 6 (ss. 51 – 57)—Powers of Attorney

7. Land Title Act, Part 7 (ss. 58 – 120)—Descriptions and Plans

8. Land Title Act, Part 8 (ss. 121 – 137)—Cancellation of Plans

9. Land Title Act, Part 9 (ss. 138 – 146)—Air Space Titles

10. Land Title Act, Part 10 (ss. 147 – 168)—Applications for Registration and Evidence in Support

11. Land Title Act, Part 10.1 (ss. 168.1 – 168.7)—Electronic Filing

12. Land Title Act, Part 11 (ss. 169 – 184)—Registration in Fee Simple

13. Land Title Act, Part 12 (ss. 185 – 190)—Transfers

14. Land Title Act, Part 13 (ss. 191 – 196)—Dealings With Indefeasible Title Other Than by Registration

15. Land Title Act, Part 14 (ss. 197 – 237)—Charges

16. Land Title Act, Part 15 (ss. 238 – 240)—Instruments

17. Land Title Act, Part 16 (ss. 241 – 259)—Cancellation of Charges

18. Land Title Act, Part 17 (ss. 260 – 280)—Transmission and Fee Simple and Charge

19. Land Title Act, Part 18 (s. 281)—Notice of Certain Conditions and Obligations

20. Land Title Act, Part 19 (ss. 282 – 294)—Caveats

21. Land Title Act, Part 19.1 (ss. 294.1 – 294.9)—LTSA Assurance Fund

22. Land Title Act, Part 20 (ss. 294.91 – 307)—Government Assurance Fund

23. Land Title Act, Part 21 (ss. 308 – 314)—Appeals

24. Land Title Act, Part 22 (ss. 315 – 321)—Notices

25. Land Title Act, Part 23 (ss. 322 – 365)—Special Surveys

26. Land Title Act, Part 24 (ss. 366 – 373)—Registration of Title to Indian Lands

27. Land Title Act, Part 24.01 (s. 373.11)—Treaty Lands

28. Land Title Act, Part 24.1 (ss. 373.2 – 373.91)—Nisga’a Lands and Categories A and B Lands

29. Land Title Act, Part 24.2 (s. 373.92)—Cancelling Registration of Reserve Lands Registered to Canada

30. Land Title Act, Part 25 (ss. 374 – 394)—Miscellaneous

31. Land Title Act—Fees

32. Land Title Act—Regulations and Director’s Requirements

33. Land Title Act—Forms

Volume 2

34. Agricultural Land Commission Act

35. British Columbia Home Programs Legislation

36. Builders Lien Act

37. Court Order Enforcement Act

38. Environmental Management Act

39. Escheat Act

40. Expropriation Act

41. Family Matters

42. Fraudulent Conveyance and Fraudulent Preference Acts

43. Interpretation Act

44. Land Act

45. Land Owner Transparency Act

46. Land Surveys Legislation

47. Land Title and Survey Authority Act

48. Land Title Inquiry Act

49. Law Transfer Form Act

50. Law and Equity Act

51. Local Government Legislation

52. Partition of Property Act

53. Perpetuity Act

54. Personal Property Security Act

55. Property Law Act

56. Property Transfer Tax Act

Volume 3

57. Strata Property Act

58. Strata Property Regulations

59. Strata Property Forms

60. Strata Property Index

61. Taxation (Rural Area) Act

62. Treaty First Nation Taxation Act

63. Trustees, Personal Representatives, and Trustees in Bankruptcy

64. Vancouver Charter

65. Powers and Restrictions on Acquisition and Disposition of Land

66. Transferors and Transferees—Proof of Existence and Execution of Instruments

67. Registration of Instruments

68. Government Liens, Charges, and Administrative Penalties

69. Legal Notations and Charges

70. Director’s Directions

71. Practice Bulletins and Practice Notes

Case Table
Statutes and Related Material Table

Land Title Practice Manual is recommended to all professionals by the BC Land Title and Survey Authority as a resource for obtaining detailed land title practice information.

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