An Evening with Gillian Hadfield (In-Person)

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An Evening with Gillian Hadfield (In-Person)

CLEBC is proud to co-sponsor “An Evening with Professor Gillian Hadfield (In-Person)”

May 14, 2019
Vancouver, BC


Access to justice is the defining issue of our time. But is it simply a case of poverty, insufficient volunteerism among lawyers, or insufficient government funding? Lawyer, law professor and economist Gillian Hadfield says no, there’s more to it. It is a problem that the legal profession can choose to fix, but it must make changes in the profession to do so.

The ground is also shifting beneath our feet. Technology and globalization continue to uproot and reshape daily life and economics. Digital platforms connect billions around the planet in ever more complex networks of data and exchange. So why haven’t our legal systems kept up?

Attendees will learn from one of the world’s leading and most thought-provoking experts on how to make law more accessible, effective and capable of fulfilling its role in balancing innovation, growth and fairness, and about the reform and redesign of legal systems for a rapidly changing world facing tremendous challenge from globalization and technology.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

4:00pm-4:30pm | Registration Check-In
4:30pm-5:15pm | Reception
5:15pm-5:30pm | Welcome and Introduction of Gillian Hadfield
5:30pm-7:00pm | Gillian Hadfield Address with Q&A
7:00pm-7:30pm | Reception Continues

Pan Pacific Vancouver

300 – 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC

(GST Incl.) | In-Person

1.50 hours
Attendance at this conference will provide you with 1.50 hours of practice management component for your Law Society of BC reporting.