Free Video Series on Business Development

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CLEBC is proud to present six free videos on how to succeed at business development, an essential skill for any lawyer in private practice.

Successful lawyers must be able to create a personal brand, learn how to generate new client business, and ensure an ongoing flow of clients for their firms.

Created in collaboration with the Law Society of British Columbia’s Justicia Project, a precedent‐setting movement across the country to promote the retention and advancement of women lawyers in private practice, this content is valuable to all lawyers.

Building a Book of Business

Danielle Toigo of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Valerie C. Mann of Lawson Lundell LLP, and Leisha Murphy of Connect Family Law discuss key elements of building a book of business, the collection of clients that a lawyer assembles throughout his or her career.

Building a Book of Business Part 1: Building a Personal Brand

Learn the critical steps and benefits in developing a book of business, and receive advice on how to create a personal brand.

Building a Book of Business Part 2: Creating and Implementing a Marketing Plan

Learn our panelists’ top three tips for creating a marketing plan, their views on how often marketing plans need to be refreshed, and examples of returns on marketing efforts.

Building a Book of Business Part 3: Marketing Effectively Using New Technology

Learn about the importance and benefits of online marketing for lawyers, what online marketing tools are most useful in the legal industry, and top tips for using them.


Thelma O’Grady, Life Bencher of the Law Society of BC, Lori A. Mathison of Dentons Canada LLP, and Emma A. McArthur of Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP discuss how to raise your profile as a lawyer, how to build client relationships, and how to measure your marketing success.

Marketing Part 1: Self-Promoting Internally and Externally

Learn ways to raise your profile as a lawyer within your firm, in the legal community, and with prospective clients.

Marketing Part 2: Maintaining Client Relationships

Learn how to build rapport with clients and how to strengthen client relationships, whether individuals or organizations.

Marketing Part 3: Measuring Marketing Success

Learn how to measure (beyond your firm metrics) whether your marketing efforts have been successful.

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