Call for Submissions: “But I Was Wearing a Suit” Mini Documentary

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Call for Submissions: “But I Was Wearing a Suit” Mini Documentary

This project is now complete. You can watch the video and read more about the project at “But I Was Wearing a Suit” Mini Documentary.

A grassroots project of a group of Indigenous Lawyers, with the support of the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC and the Law Society of BC


We are creating a mini-documentary to raise awareness about the racism that Indigenous lawyers and law students face within the legal profession.

Your stories and participation are needed:

We are asking Indigenous lawyers/law students (or others who have witnessed such incidents) to submit a brief story (or stories) talking about situations that they have faced of racism or stereotyping within the legal profession.

Some examples that we have heard so far, include Indigenous lawyers:

  • told not to stand where lawyers stand in court rooms, as it is for lawyers only;
  • asked to leave the Barristers lounge, as it is not for native court workers;
  • asked if they were lost in the courthouse; and
  • asked when appearing in court if, in fact, they are a lawyer.

This is a great opportunity to raise “cultural competency”– for us to examine ourselves as a profession and take steps to correct unconscious bias and stereotypes about Indigenous Peoples. How we treat each other in the legal profession reflects more broadly how we treat Indigenous Peoples as clients or who are otherwise involved in the legal system.

How can I share my story?

Stories should be no more than 3 minutes each. They can be recorded on the camera feature of your laptop, or on your smartphone.

Try to find a place with good lighting and as little background noise as possible. At the beginning of the video, please introduce yourself by name so we know who the video belongs to.

Include a note with:
Name, Phone Number(s), and Email Address;
as well as the general location (province; town) where the incident happened.

Submit your video here

** Note that by submitting a video you are giving permission for that video to be edited and in “But I Was Wearing a Suit” **

Submission deadline: September 30, 2017


For technical questions:
All other questions: