Celebrate National Indigenous History Month

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Celebrate National Indigenous History Month

This June, we encourage the legal profession to recognize and reflect on the cultural richness and ongoing resilience of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples.

Lawyers can take this opportunity to fulfill their duty to learn about the experiences of Indigenous Peoples and the roles they have played and continue to play in shaping Canada.

As an active part of the legal community, CLEBC has and continues to perpetuate the foundations and traditions of a colonial system of law built on the genocide of Indigenous Peoples. It is our duty to actively question our role in perpetuating racism and colonial systems. It is our goal to decolonize our work and transform our role into one of allyship with Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to addressing the need for systemic change, decolonizing our thinking, and building permanent partnerships with Indigenous people and communities.

We invite you to visit our Truth and Reconciliation webpage and access the free resources there, including the TRC27 blogpapers, keynote speeches, and recordings such as the Indigenous Women and the Law Conference.

You can also check out the following websites for events and information:

Please share these resources with your friends and colleagues, and enjoy learning about Indigenous history and culture in June, and all year too.