CLEBC Is Paperless

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Course materials now available in electronic form only

Since 2014, we have held many paperless courses with positive feedback overall. We enhanced our online materials with a unique link for each course, and all materials are now available through our online course materials subscription service following the course.

Why go paperless?

  • Materials are downloadable in PDF, fully searchable, and updated to incorporate additional papers even after the course
  • You will have flexibility for storing and accessing your course materials (before, during, and after the course)
Our Goals
  • To reduce printed material thereby eliminating unnecessary paper waste and expenses
  • To be innovative while serving your evolving needs

How do electronic course materials work?

  • You will receive an email with a link to the course materials 3 days before the course
  • Course materials are in PDF format and bookmarked with the paper titles and major headings for easy navigation
  • Late course materials will be posted to the course materials website as they are received
  • A complete PDF of the course materials will be posted approximately 3 weeks after the course
  • You will not receive a paper copy of the course materials at the course

What should I do before the course?

  1. Watch for your CLEBC course materials email three days prior to the course
  2. Save the course materials PDF to your device
  3. Read our tips on Reading and Annotating Paperless Course Materials on Mobile Devices
  4. Bring your tablet or laptop to the course to follow along with the materials

Thank you for your help in our continued effort to contribute to the well-being of our environment. We are working hard to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. In the last few years we switched to printing on 100% post-consumer recycled paper made in Canada and reduced printed course brochures. We now produce more than one million fewer print pieces than we did in previous years.

Thank you for the words of encouragement and support we have received for this initiative.

If you have any questions please let us know at