Confronting Racism in the Criminal Justice System

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We are proud to share this recording of “Confronting Racism in the Criminal Justice System” originally presented on June 2, 2021.

This course walks through where, when, and how systemic racism, unconscious and conscious bias, micro-aggressions, and white privilege exist at each stage of the criminal justice system – from policing to charge assessment, in the bail process, in trials, and at sentencing. It explores how this impacts decisions and proceedings and the ways we can interrupt negative outcomes.


This playlist has nine parts:
1. Introduction and Confronting Racism in the Criminal Justice System
2. Lessons from Human Rights
3. Policing and Charge Assessment
4. Bail
5. Confronting the Elephants in the Room – Having the Difficult Conversations about Racism
6. Trial
7. Sentencing
8. Moving Forward – Making Change
9. Credits
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