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Med-Arb: Training for the DR Professional

This course will take you through the key issues and elements of the innovative and exciting dispute resolution technique known as med-arb. You will explore the advantages and disadvantages of med-arb, review relevant med-arb case law, and practise the skills required for the med-arb process.

Introduction to Family Dispute Resolution

This course is essential for new family mediators and those attending mediations as counsel. It will introduce participants to the theory and practice of negotiation and mediation.

Resisting Burnout at Work 2022

This free webinar will explore strategies that can help you reduce the negative impacts of burnout so you can thrive professionally.

#TechLaw2022: Life Cycle of a Startup-Founding to Financing to Exit

Lawyering for clients pursuing startups in our “new normal” means knowing where they're at in their business and where they are trying to go. Join this #TechLaw2022 session to effectively learn what it takes to advise newfound entrepreneurs pursuing their startups.

Family Violence Screening Training for Litigators and DR Professionals

This highly interactive two-day workshop is the only comprehensive family violence training available in BC. Featuring real case studies, personal stories, role-playing, coaching, and review of current literature, research, and statistics, this is a must-attend event for family dispute resolution professionals looking to meet their training requirements under the FLA.

Affidavit Basics 2022

In this intensive half-day program, expert litigators will take registrants through the fundamentals of affidavit drafting, from receiving and organizing the affiant's information to drafting the narrative with clarity and concision.

Real Estate Fundamentals 2022 (Day 1)

Here is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of real estate practice in BC! Day 1 will include a thorough review of statement of adjustments, drafting a purchase contract, commercial property, and tax issues.

Microsoft Word Power Tips for Legal Users

This course is specifically designed to address the often-frustrating realities of Microsoft Word, teaching you dozens of tips and techniques that you can put into practice immediately. We'll show you exactly how to fix the common legal drafting problems plaguing you now and how to avoid them in the future.

Suing and Defending the Crown 2022

Litigation against the Crown comes with its own set of unique procedural and substantive rules. There are traps for the inexperienced and unwary. This course is designed to assist lawyers at all levels of experience in navigating such traps.

Mastering Your Inbox—Using Outlook to Organize & Manage High Volume Email

This course will show you how to use all of Microsoft Outlook's features to efficiently store, organize email, and successfully deal with high email volume. We'll also show you how to fix Outlook's default setting and explain many amazing and useful Outlook features that most users don't even know are there.

Real Estate Fundamentals 2022 (Day 2)

Here is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of real estate practice in BC! Day 2 will cover due diligence, closing procedures, undertakings, mortgages, regulatory disclosure and transparency requirements, and what to do when things go wrong.

Insurance Law Conference 2022

This is CLEBC's annual event for insurance counsel and insurance industry professionals. The conference program will cover a broad scope, including important case developments, critical practice issues, and notable industry trends in insurance law.

Freelance Lawyering 101 2022

Join us to get an overview of freelance lawyering, together with an in-depth look at the ethical considerations of entering into a freelance lawyer arrangement.

A Legal User’s Guide to PDF Files

Regardless of the PDF program you use, this seminar will show you the appropriate uses of PDFs. We'll cover important topics such as redaction, metadata removal and electronic document security, Bates Numbering, and much more.

Corporate Governance 2022

Join us for a practical analysis of current trends and key issues in corporate governance law and their implications for your corporate clients.

Mediating High Conflict Disputes (SOLD OUT)

In this one-day workshop, you will learn a new approach to mediating high conflict disputes. The tips and tools of this method can be used with any mediation. Some or all of the tips and tools of this method can be used with any mediation.

Administrative Law Conference 2022

It can be difficult to stay on top of all the changes happening in administrative law. This annual conference is your efficient solution to learning about recent decisions, legislative updates, and current trends in this complex practice area.

Conflict Resolution Conference 2022: Reimagining Space(s)

CLEBC, Mediate BC, and CoRe Conflict Resolution Society are co-hosting a unique conflict resolution conference built around the theme "Reimagining Space(s)." Invited presenters will lead discussions about transforming workplaces and workplace relationships, making space for a new generation of collaborative professionals, public works in public spaces, creating ethical spaces, and even outer space!

Planned Parenthood 2022: Assisted Human Reproduction and the Law

In addition to offering a primer on the practice of fertility law, this course will explore advances in reproductive medicine, the intersections of fertility law with wills/estates and family law, advanced issues in agreement drafting, cross-border practice and international surrogacies, and all the questions you never thought could be asked.

Discovery Practice 2022

This full-day, multimedia course will teach you how to masterfully prepare for and conduct the core elements of discovery. Seasoned panelists will explore proven discovery techniques and tools, as well as guide you through videos demonstrating various aspects of discovery practice.

Influence: The Art & Science of Changing Minds 2022

This interactive program draws on the latest scientific research to illustrate how you can influence lawyers, prospects, and colleagues to see things your way without resorting to manipulation. Plus, you'll leave with practical ideas that you can apply right away.

Affidavit Secrets 2022

In this intensive half-day program, expert litigators will take registrants through how not to draft an affidavit; how to dissect an affidavit from the other side; how to tell your client's story as governed by law, practice, ethics, and the rules of evidence; and how to avoid common mistakes.

#TechLaw2022: Influencers, Marketing, and Regulated Advertising

It's never been easier for businesses to communicate with existing and potential customers worldwide, which is both an opportunity and a risk. This #TechLaw2022 session will tackle the novel regulatory concerns this worldwide reach can bring.

Pension Division on Relationship Breakdown 2022 (POSTPONED)

CLEBC is pleased to present the first full-day pension division program in over 10 years. Join us for a highly interactive and dynamic course focusing on pension division best practices, in-depth drafting tips & traps, ethical considerations, and more.

Contract Drafting Basics

In this fast-paced three-hour course, learn important contract drafting essentials you will apply throughout your entire practice, Contracts expert Lenné Espenschied will share tips and techniques to help you avoid critical errors, improve the quality of your work, and draft with more confidence.

Labour Relations 2022

This conference will provide you with a balanced approach towards key developments and issues in labour law, getting you up to date on the latest Charter, privacy, human rights, arbitration, Labour Relations Board, and judicial review issues — all in one day.

Pozner on Cross: Advanced Techniques Using the Chapter Method©

Veteran trial attorney and author Larry Pozner teaches the key elements of effective cross: how to factually dominate the trial with substance, train witnesses, shape jurors' perceptions, put facts in the best context, derail opposition, and ultimately win cases.

What the Best Lawyers Know About Contracts

The purpose of this program is to explain what the best transactional lawyers know about risk and liability-shifting provisions. Explore these advanced contracting elements in this three-hour course taught by contracts expert Lenné Espenschied.

Securities Fundamentals 2022: Plans of Arrangement

In this practical course, experts will provide you with a solid foundation for dealing with a plan of arrangement, including tips on how to best approach one and how to navigate the pitfalls.