Genevieve Taylor

Practice Point


Genevieve Taylor is a principal in the firm Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers who practices in the areas of wills, estates, trusts, and adult guardianship. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia in 1995 and her law degree from Dalhousie University in 1998, Genevieve was called to the BC bar in 1999.

Genevieve works in all aspects of trust and estate planning and administration. Her services to clients include crafting estate plans, preparing applications for probate or administration, and advising executors, trustees, and beneficiaries in contentious and non-contentious matters. Genevieve has authored numerous papers in the area of wills, estates, trusts, and adult guardianship, and is a frequent speaker on these topics. She has been recognized by Best Lawyers in Canada (Trusts and Estates) and Lexpert.

How and why did you get involved with CLEBC?

I began assisting other members of my firm with materials for various CLEBC publications and then over time was asked to participate myself. We have had a great firm tradition of participating in CLE’s. The reason I was happy to be involved was that it was a way to learn the practice area, and build a practice while contributing to the profession. Plus, I enjoy public speaking.

What are you are currently working on (or have most recently worked on) with CLEBC?

I am working on a course with Nadia Myerthall for the new year called Income Tax Fundamentals for the Estate Practitioner. I am also working on a chapter of the BC Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation manual to which I’ve contributed for several years.

What has been your most memorable CLEBC experience?

The conferences and materials surrounding the introduction of the Wills Estates and Succession Act are particularly memorable as it was a terrific way to be involved in the roll out of law reform and to brainstorm how it would impact practice. It felt like a real team effort.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you have received?

In practice: always assume that you are the last person to look at a document or work product before it goes out to the end user.
In life: if you can read you can cook.

What advice would you give newcomers who are interested in working in the legal profession?

Surround yourself with good people—you will see a lot of them.

What has been the most rewarding part of your career?

Getting to know the people: colleagues, clients, and fellow members of the bar.

Other than law, what are you passionate about?

My family. At the moment there is little time for anything else.

What are some of your favourite legal resources? (blogs, websites, etc.)

Without a word of a lie, CLEBC manuals. I also use a whole range of on-line resources and occasionally good old Mr. Google.