The ABC’s of Expert Evidence

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The ABC’s of Expert Evidence

Author: Todd R. Bell and Anne Demeulemeester
Current to: June 2022

Practice Point April 2023

Here to keep you at the top of your law game is our latest Practice Point, “The ABC’s of Expert Evidence.”

As part of CLEBC Online Course Materials, this paper was originally prepared for the course Family Law Basics 2022 by Todd R. Bell of Basran Robin & Bell and Anne Demeulemeester of Silver Selinger LLP.

“The ABC’s of Expert Evidence” provides an introduction to the role of expert evidence in family law proceedings. It covers the types of experts that may be required; the appropriate manner of retaining, instructing, and communicating with an expert; and the common challenges to admissibility and reliability that tend to be raised.

While not a definitive guide, this paper is meant to provide those starting out in the area of family law with the building blocks necessary to commence their practice in this area.

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