Making the Most of Client Meetings

Practice Point


Making the Most of Client Meetings

Author: Kevin J. Heinrichs
Current to: June 2022

Making the Most Out of Client Meetings

As part of CLEBC Online Course Materials, we’re pleased to present your latest Practice Point: “Making the Most of Client Meetings.”

This paper was originally prepared for CLEBC’s Family Law Basics 2022 by author Kevin J. Heinrichs (of Henderson Heinrichs LLP). As this practical Practice Point explains, after being retained by a client, you will be tasked with determining your client’s issues, strategizing a path to the resolution of those issues, and carrying out that strategy. In a family law file, all stages of this process inevitably involve meetings with your client.

Those meetings will either be a valuable source of information and direction, or they will be a source of frustration and confusion. Learning how to manage and control client meetings will streamline your work, make your job easier,  oost the confidence that your client will have in you, and, ultimately, allow your client to reach their goal more quickly and cost‐effectively.

Whether you are collecting data, reviewing the state of the law, advising your client on the best course of action, or preparing your client for the steps that lie ahead, the success of your meetings will depend on a series of common factors. And this Practice Point lays out such factors.



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