Tips for Litigation Juniors – Civil Litigation

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Tips for Litigation Juniors – Civil Litigation

Author: Ludmila B. Herbst, KC
Current to: March 2022

Tips for Litigation Juniors – Civil Litigation

As part of CLEBC Online Course Materials, your latest Practice Point is here: “Tips for Litigation Juniors – Civil Litigation.”

This paper was originally prepared for CLEBC’s How to Be a Great Litigation Junior by author Ludmila B. Herbst, KC (of Farris LLP).

In the paper, Herbst lays out various points she looks for from litigation juniors, as well as points she wished she had known when junioring.

Herbst explains the importance of junior counsel, what senior counsel know and do not know, the importance of logistics and documents, how communicating with others is key, and that juniors should never be complacent and never accept defeat, among other points.

Chock-full of countless tips and words of wisdom from someone who has “been there,” this is a Practice Point no junior can afford to miss!



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