Buying and Selling Local Government Property

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Buying and Selling Local Government Property

Author: By Pamela J. Jefcoat
Current to: March 2024

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Featured in the recent CLEBC course Planning and Development, the paper “Buying and Selling Local Government Property” arrives as part of CLEBC Online Course Materials.

The paper was prepared by Pamela J. Jefcoat of Civic Legal LLP and provides detailed guidance on the legal aspects of buying and selling local government property in British Columbia. This paper also briefly touches on the important distinction between the exercise of a local government’s corporate powers and regulatory powers in the context of property dealings.

Topics covered include procedural requirements for property acquisition, statutory authority for property disposition, notices of assistance, market value determination, transparency in local government dealings, and the prohibition on providing assistance to businesses without proper authorization.

If you’re in real estate in BC, you can’t afford to miss this invaluable paper!



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