Lesser Known Tools in Estate Litigation

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Lesser Known Tools in Estate Litigation

Author: Amy A. Mortimore
Current to: November 2022

Practice Point March

Helping you keep your law skills razor-sharp, the latest Practice Point to arrive as part of CLEBC Online Course Materials is “Lesser Known Tools in Estate Litigation.”

This extremely practical paper was prepared for CLEBC’s Estate Litigation Update 2022 by Amy A. Mortimore of Clark Wilson LLP.

In the paper, Amy addresses four issues that may not be commonly used in estate litigation, but which may assist practitioners in finding a more precise remedy for their client. As she lays out, these include the following: Litigation Guardians and Litigation Representatives; compelling an attorney to pass accounts; Land (Spousal Protection) Act; and marriage caveats.

Explore each of these issues in depth with this free paper.

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