Technical Requirements and Course Materials Information for Webinar

Practice Point

Technical Requirements

  • The latest version of Flash Player installed
    • Don’t know what version you have? Click here to find out.
    • Note: CLEBC rebroadcasts will NOT be viewable on iPhone/iPad/Android-based devices. Viewing will require a Flash-enabled browser on a computer.
  • External speakers/headphone is recommended (with their own volume control)

For best results

  • Log in early.
    • Do not rely on successful past attendance.
    • 30 minutes prior to the course, you should see slides and hear music.
  • Test your connection to ensure your computer is set up to participate in an Adobe Connect meeting
    • Steps 1 to 3 are needed to attend a CLEBC webinar.
  • Close all other applications on your computer during the webcast.
  • Use a high-bandwidth internet connection. Do not use a wireless connection.
    • Where possible, make sure others in your office aren’t competing with you for bandwidth.
  • Choppy video/audio? Pause the video for a few minutes – audio should be better.

Course Materials

  • Course materials are available at the course event webpage.
    • Note: Individual papers are also available during the presentation, from the “materials” box of the Adobe Connect interface.
  • Individual last minute papers are added to the webpage as they are received.
  • The final set of materials will be available approximately three weeks after the course. You will receive a notification email.