Tips for Using CLEBC Online Practice Manuals

Practice Point


Search practice manuals

Find what you need faster and easier with Search within Book. Run searches and view results in the specific practice manual that you’re using.

If you want to search across all practice manuals, use the general Search CLEBC.

Insert your search terms and filter the results by Publications.

Change your reading view

For an easier reading experience, change the view to full-screen by selecting maximize, or hide the menu on the left.

Download forms and precedents

To download all Word versions of the forms and precedents included in a practice manual, select the Download all Forms & Precedents link and save the file to your computer.

To download the Word version of individual forms and precedents, select the title from the drop-down list, open the Word version, and save it to your computer.

Find a case or legislation cited in a practice manual

Go to the Cases Cited or Legislation Cited tab. In the search box, enter a portion or all of the case name, legislation title, or chapter number.

For Cases Cited, the results display links to the full text of the case and all sections in the practice manual where the case is mentioned.

For Legislation Cited, the results display links to the full text and all sections of the practice manual where each section of the legislation is mentioned.

Find where a case is discussed across practice manuals

Click on a case link in a chapter topic. A pop-up box provides a link to the full text of the case.

Select Reference Details to see where the case is discussed in all practice manuals.

For further assistance, please contact CLEBC Customer Service.