Tracey Cohen, KC—In the Spotlight

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Tracey Cohen, KC—In the Spotlight

January 2021

This month’s spotlight shines on Tracey Cohen, KC, of Fasken. Tracey has been recognized for expertise in Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Securities Litigation, and International and Commercial Arbitration and has repeatedly been recognized as one of Canada’s top 25 female litigators. Tracey is co-chairing this year’s Introducing Evidence at Trial course on February 17.

How did you first get involved with CLEBC?

When I was a relatively new associate I assisted a partner at the firm writing a paper. When it came time to present at the course he was not available and asked me, last minute, to fill in for him.  While terrified, I was honored to do so.

What are you currently working on (or have most recently worked on) with CLEBC?

We are working on the upcoming course Introducing Evidence at Trial on February 17.  I recently participated in Affidavit Secrets in September 2020

What inspired you to practice in the area of commercial litigation?

I always thought that I wanted to be a litigator. During law school, the courses that I found most interesting were those of a commercial nature. When I started my articles, I was fortunate enough to work with some of the best commercial litigators in the city and it solidified my passion for that area of practice.

You are very active in the legal community including being a frequent lecturer on various litigation topics. What motivates you to give back to the profession? 

I have been very privileged to have learned so much from those in the profession that have taken the time to teach and mentor. I consider it an obligation (and a true pleasure) to be able to give back in whatever way that I am able.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received?

I have received so much great advice over the years. One example is, any one file may last a couple of years, but your reputation stays with you your entire career. I think that what was really impressed upon me as a young lawyer was that the Vancouver bar is a small community. While the files we work on are adversarial, that does not mean that there is any reason to be disrespectful or discourteous. There comes a time when we all need favors from our colleagues.

Other than law, what are you passionate about?

My family, my friends, our community, hiking or any other outdoor sports on a beautiful day in Vancouver and travel (which I will appreciate even more now).