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Our late-spring calendar provides specialized education for BC Paralegals and Legal Support Staff.

CLEBC Spring Courses Paralegals & Legal Support Staff

As a paralegal, your role is integral to the legal community and continued education is the key to your accelerated career track.

By participating in just a couple of CLEBC’s courses each year, you’ll stay informed of new developments in law, refine your area specialization, and boost your knowledge and skillset, rendering you an invaluable asset to your firm.

CLEBC’s courses are also a great way to connect and socialize with your peers. Most of our in-person courses are held at the Pan Pacific Hotel, overlooking beautiful Vancouver harbour. Lunch is usually provided and there are intermittent breaks for networking with colleagues and instructors.

If a day away from the office is not feasible, enroll for our online webinars and learn from the comfort of your home or office.

CLEBC is here to support you in your career growth. With training and practice, you’ll demonstrate your abilities, be awarded new tasks and greater responsibilities, and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.  We know you do a great job and we’re here to help you along the way.

For questions or assistance, please call customer service: 604.893.2121.

Here’s a quick summary of our spring course lineup.
Changes in Ownership & Management
Part of CLEBC’s Corporate Procedures Series

CLEBC’s 4-part Corporate Procedures Series is a group of short, convenient online courses that deal with the practical issues paralegals deal with on a daily basis.

Geared toward legal support staff working in business and corporate law, this series addresses the hands-on specifics that you’ll need to know for maintaining a company. You will learn how to advise on a high level, and review the technicalities of filing and paperwork needed for corporate law.

Changes in Ownership & Management is the second course in the Corporate Procedures Series. Experts will guide you through what is needed when there is a change in ownership or management of a BC company, including consents, qualifications, authorization, and registers.

Check out the other 3 courses in this series: Incorporation & Organization, Fundamental Changes, and New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA).

Date & Location

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Live CLE-TV Webinar


Christine Hall
Corporate Services Paralegal & Supervisor, Owen Bird Law Corporation, Vancouver
Theresa Thoreson
Corporate Services Paralegal & Supervisor, MEP Business Counsel, Vancouver

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Family Law Basics for Paralegals & Legal Support Staff

If you are just starting your career as a family law paralegal, transitioning legal areas, or just need a refresher, this is the course for you.

Family Law Basics covers the fundamentals of Family Law as it pertains to Paralegals  ̶  everything junior staff need to know to begin a successful career in a family law office.

You will learn about preparing and managing documents, opening and organizing a file, working with difficult clients, basic e-discovery skills, preparing for chambers and court, tips from registry staff, and more. Hear from members of the judiciary, registry staff, experienced lawyers, and paralegals who have successfully handled the challenges you will meet every day.

Date & Location

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Pan Pacific Hotel or via Webinar

Course Chair:

David C. Halkett
McQuarrie Hunter LLP, Surrey

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Advanced Conveyancing for Legal Support Staff

If you are an experienced conveyancing paralegal and are looking to excel in your profession, this course will help you sharpen your skills and propel you ahead in your career.

Conveyancing is like the English language—there is an exception to every rule. You’ll learn how to recognize and deal with these exceptions.

In this course, our senior faculty will focus on advanced topics faced by conveyancers every day, including corporations, vendor issues, tax issues, private mortgages, power of attorney, builder’s liens, escrow closing, and many more practice points. You will also hear from experts on how to avoid errors which can result in a complaint being filed against your supervising lawyer.

Date & Location

Friday, June 12, 2015
Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver or via Webinar

Course Chairs:

Dick H.K. Chan
Spagnuolo & Company Real Estate Lawyers, Coquitlam
Bob C. Starkell
Bob C. Starkell Law Corporation, Vancouver

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Wills and Estates for Paralegals and Legal Support Staff

This intermediate to advanced course is designed with the experienced paralegal in mind. You already have the basic background knowledge required to assist a lawyer in the preparation of estate administration documents, and are looking to expand on your skills.

Once the basics of probate and estate administration have been mastered, paralegals working in this area may be called upon to deal with more sophisticated issues. With the coming into force of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act on March 31, 2014, there have been many changes to the practice. In this course we will review how WESA has changed the wills and estate administration practice, new issues and practice challenges to be aware of, the new probate rules and forms, and the impact that WESA has on estate litigation and court applications.

In this course we will analyze in depth some more advanced issues that you may face, how to anticipate problems, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Date & Location

Friday, June 26, 2015
Pan Pacific Hotel or via Webinar

Course Chair:

Kim A. Karras
Brawn Karras & Sanderson, Surrey

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