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WATCH: An invitation from Course Chairs, Donna J. Martinson and Suzanne S. Williams.

A Message from the Course Chairs:
Law practice and children’s human rights

All lawyers impact children, either directly as counsel or indirectly through cases or files that profoundly affect children and their lives.  We are therefore excited to co-chair the Access to Justice for Children Conference on May 14 & 15, 2015 in Vancouver and we invite you to join us and learn more.

Children are in a unique position in our justice system as they must rely on adults around them to realize their rights and remedies.  In all areas of legal practice, lawyer competency and the professional legal obligation to ensure equal access to justice for everyone requires lawyers to understand children’s legal rights in Canada, the barriers to implementing those rights, and how lawyers can champion those rights.

This Conference is therefore for those practicing in the following areas, encompassed in the newly created CBA National Children’s Law Committee:

  • Aboriginal law
  • Administrative law
  • ADR
  • Child protection
  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal justice
  • Family law
  • Health law
  • Human rights law
  • Immigration law
  • International law
  • Privacy and access
  • SOGIC (sexual orientation and gender identity)
  • Wills, estates and trusts
  • Youth justice

Further, all lawyers who practice business law have obligations to consider the broad impacts of all business decisions on children and to engage in Child Rights Impact Assessments when considering legislative and policy making.

This program presents an excellent opportunity to hear from children about the reality of their lives, to learn about the depth of and breadth of children’s rights, and to collaborate with others to look to future ways of ensuring meaningful access to justice for children.


Course Chairs
The Honourable Donna J. Martinson, KC
Suzanne S. Williams

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The Honourable
Donna J. Martinson, KC

Retired Justice of the
Supreme Court of BC, Vancouver

Suzanne S. Williams

Brown Henderson Melbye, Victoria;
Consultant, International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD), Victoria

The Honourable
Raynell Andreychuk

Senator for Saskatchewan
The Senate of Canada, Ottawa

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

BC’s Representative for Children and Youth, Victoria

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