Practice Point


How can I become a volunteer for CLEBC?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to CLEBC! Please get in touch with us at 604.669.3544 or send us a message.

How do I report my CPD hours earned by volunteering?

We have instructions for reporting CPD hours earned by volunteering for courses and for publications, including a key showing how many hours you can claim for each type of activity. If you volunteered for a course and attended the course, don’t forget that you can also claim hours for the portion of the course that you attended.

How can I look up a history of my volunteer activities with CLEBC?

You can look up your recent volunteer history by logging in to your CLEBC Store account. If you are a longtime volunteer with CLEBC—thank you!—you can contact us at 604.669.3544 or at custserv@cle.bc.ca for more information.