Watch: Neuropsychology of Conflict and Brain Development – Divorce & The Science on the ACE Study

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On April 11 2019, Kim Hetherington gave a fantastic presentation at CLEBC’s “A Deeper Dive: The Intersection of Family Law and Psychology” on the neuropsychology of conflict and children’s brain development.

Kim is a social worker, and an early childhood and children and youth with special needs consultant with the BC Public Service. Her presentation is clear and concise and draws deeply from her training and experience. Kim’s presentation covers:

  • the critical research on adverse childhood experiences and the impact of ACEs on children’s well-being throughout their lifespans
  • parental separation and conflict as an adverse childhood experience
  • children’s special vulnerability to toxic stress and the effect of toxic stress on children’s brain development
  • protective factors that buffer children from the effect of toxic stress, including children’s resilience

In my view, Kim’s presentation is essential viewing for family law lawyers and for separating parents. I am delighted that CLEBC has decided to make the recording of Kim’s presentation available to everyone at no cost.

John-Paul E. Boyd, M.A. LL.B.
Arbitrator, Mediator & Parenting Coordinator
Counsel for Wise Scheible Barkauskas
Member of the Law Societies of Alberta and British Columbia

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