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Difficulties Seniors Face with Financial Services

By Mark Wright This post is part of a series highlighting key themes and presenters from the Canadian Elder Law Conference 2019. To see the other posts in the series, click here. Earlier this year OBSI released its first ever Seniors Report, documenting the experiences of seniors using its services. The national, not-for-profit organization collected demographic and case data for 2017 and 2018 …


Chief Leah Sisi-ya-ama George-Wilson—In the Spotlight

November 2019 This month’s spotlight is on CLEBC contributor Chief Leah Sisi-ya-ama George-Wilson of Miller Titerle Law Corporation, Vancouver.


Culture is Not a Costume

“OUR CULTURE IS NOT A COSTUME,” said Calgarian Michelle Robinson. “We are real people with a real culture and depicting it incorrectly just adds to negative stereotypes and adds to violence we face.”


Ontario Law on Undue Influence in Estate Planning

By Alicia Godin – Estate and Trust Consultant, Scotiatrust Historically the area of estates was not particularly litigious, but as families and financial circumstances become more complex, litigation involving estates has become more frequent. Frequently touted, but notoriously difficult to prove, is the allegation of someone being unduly influenced in making their Will. A client …


Indigenous Healing in Federal Corrections

Although Canada’s Criminal Code mandates that all sanctions other than imprisonment are to be considered with particular attention to the circumstances of Aboriginal offenders, the proportion of Aboriginal admissions to adult custody has been trending upwards for a decade. Many of the Elders attending to Indigenous offenders were child survivors of the residential school system.


David Mckenzie—In the Spotlight

October 2019 This month’s spotlight is on CLEBC contributor David Mckenzie of Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP. David is a contributing author of the British Columbia Builders Lien Practice Manual.